This is truly coming from my heart & soul i know what the 5 million prob more Americans are going threw these days. as you know the housing market sucks right now no one can get loans i highly recommend people do not get loans on your house unless you know what your doing. I know this cause my family has been there and Interest rates are crazy u might as well foreclosed your house witch ended up happening to my family now we rent no tax right off nothing. One thing that really bugs me is the payday loans they will give almost anyone money & once you get a payday loan that's it they got you hooked. Cause once you get your first loan you will be short on your payday so you just keep going back. Also there is no limit on how many payday loans you can have so you can dig your hole pretty quick let me tell you. Credit Cards can get you in big trouble but sometimes you can usually work something out with them. Don't get me wrong to many credit cards you will go under and owe tons money if u have late fees over the limit just keep adding up.

I just want my readers to be careful with there money put money in savings IRA invest in to your future but don't live the high life you will pay for it!

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