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Founded in 2001, MediaWhiz has grown steadily to become a leader in the online advertising space. MediaWhiz provides its clients with five results driven marketing services: Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, and Search Marketing services. As you can see MediaWhiz is a veteran company in the industry with direct ties into several different fields within affiliate marketing which is clearly an advantage over smaller and newer networks. They are a one-stop shop for performance marketing.

Monetizeit is their fast growing affiliate network with unique and exclusive deals, meet your needs payments, an experienced affiliate management staff, unsurpassed customer support, and a proprietary tracking system. There are 400 live offers such as e-mail and zip code submits, credit and debt, health and beauty, dating and education, finance and payday loans.

My affiliate manager at Monetizeit, Nicole, has provided me with incomparable personal attention and advice. The Affiliate Management staff collaborates weekly to keep its publishers up to date on the hottest offers on and coming to the market, creative?s and industry buzz. They also work closely with their email marketing team to provide me with tips and ideas so that as a publisher I am never ?the guinea pig? they are telling me what they know already works. ?The key to being successful in this industry is the ability to think outside of the box and that?s just one of the things that the MediaWhiz/Monetizeit team has over the competition. With all of their other strengths I know they will continue to prosper.

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