According to a report, 60 percent of internet access come from mobile devices. Additionally, Google researches found out that 67 percent of smartphone users in their survey said that they are “more likely to buy from a mobile site.”

So what does this mean for you? Well, mobile is something you can't ignore anymore. It's here to stay, it's powerful, and is a necessity.

In this post, we'll walk you through with the top ten mobile advertising tools to help you promote your business:

1. Adjust

Adjust is a mobile analytics company that lets you understand the ROI of your different campaigns.

It has features like behavioral segmentation, mobile attribution, and looking for patterns in App store reviews. As a result, you can better measure a user's behavior throughout every stage of the funnel.

The tool also helps you out in areas like:

  • User acquisition and retention- The software has an adjust tracker link so that you can effectively track users the very moment they start interacting with anything of your campaign ads. You can also monitor the type of users that open your app, how many are retained in the process, etc.
  • Retargeting and re-engagement- There's no doubt that upselling previous customers are easier than gaining new ones. So one of the most practical ways to get more engagement in your app not acquiring new users, but merely retargeting the previous ones who already have downloaded your app.

2. Tune

Tune helps you track your mobile ad campaigns across various publishers and networks.

“Mobile Marketing Console,” is one of the tools that Tune provides, letting you measure engagement and track data during every step of the customer's journey.

3. AppsFlyer

Similar to Tune, AppsFlyer lets you gain a more extensive insight on the performance of your mobile ads. For instance, if you have created an app that you're trying to market, then this product can be perfect for you.

You'll also gain insight on the following:

  • Real-time data- You'll get an extensive list of real-time data (clicks, conversion rates, the total number of installs, a full-funnel view, etc.)
  • Tracking user retention- Lets you do a cohort analysis of various user groups that come in through different marketing channels. That way, you'll know which channels are bringing in the most loyal customers.
  • Retargeting attribution- Through retargeting attribution, you can start retargeting campaigns to inactive users, so that they can start using your products again.

4. Tatango

Tatango makes it possible for agencies to start mobile SMS marketing campaigns for clients. It also gives everything a business needs to jumpstart a campaign such as:

  • Short Code Provisioning- In its most basic form, shortcodes short-form phone numbers utilized by companies to send out a mass number of messages. Tatango gives shortcodes for businesses in just a matter of months.
  • Software- It also has user-friendly software applications that you can utilize to launch your messaging campaigns.
  • Strategy- Tatango has mobile messaging professionals that will give you sound advice on how you can create your mobile messaging campaign at every step of the way.
  • Compliance- Handles all compliance requirements without giving you complicated documents/ guides before starting your campaign.

5. Kiip

Kiip lets you advertise to people in mobile in a way that you'll love. Most of the ads are presented in “a moment of delight.”

For instance, a local business can give a voucher for a free drink in a fitness app after a user has completed a goal.

Since users experience a strong emotional response in the experience, a positive association with the brand is formed, which encourages users to take action on the ad.

6. Yelp

Perhaps one of the best places to run mobile ads are the apps that people often use when they are on the go. Yelp is one of them.

People are using this app to search for restaurants, nightlife activities, etc.

Therefore, if you own a business that's dependent on a physical location, you can significantly improve your sales by keeping your information on Yelp up to date.

It also helps you run targeted location-specific ads to achieve premium placements in Yelp's search results and your competitor's business pages.

7. Adagogo

Adgogo is perfect if you're a small business looking for the tool for a modest marketing budget. It allows you to craft ads quickly, and target them to particular locations to improve your conversions.

Moreover, you can either show the ad on a particular region or show it to smartphone users that are in a certain radius of a given location.

8. Localytics

Localytics is a mobile analytics company that lets you track engagement on your own mobile app. It helps you track massive amounts of data so that you can improve engagement in the entire customer journey.

9. Criteo

Criterio helps you deliver personalized advertisements on various devices for customers. It utilizes machine learning technology, which can predict when will users more likely to engage with an ad.

Based on these insights, Criterio can help you launch highly targeted ad campaigns on the right mobile apps. This tool allows you to get premium ad placement on the right products.

10. Facebook Mobile Ads

Facebook is the platform you'd probably want to start experimenting with if you're going to start running mobile ads. It's because a staggering 60% of Facebook users are using mobile devices to access the site. Facebook Ad Examples

Advertising on Facebook's mobile platform gives a better overall return. The click-through rates are 12x higher on mobile than with a desktop. Facebook Video Ad Examples

Here are ways how you can get your ads on a user's mobile feeds:

  • Sponsored Page Ads- When posting ads, you can opt to run the ad and show it to people who are not directly your followers or friends. You can utilize sponsored page ads to run offers and generate greater engagement.
  • Promoted Page Ads- Quite similar with sponsored page ads, but the only difference is that promoted posts are not allowed to be shared outside your fan network on the platform. Meanwhile, sponsored posts are presented on feeds that are not directly your existing followers. Instagram Ad Examples  

Over to You

Mobile advertising has proven to be one of the most effective, and yet underutilized marketing channels. By utilizing these tools to promote your business, and by working closely with the top mobile advertising agencies, you can achieve the results that you want in the long run.

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