Developing compelling visual content can often be difficult for a lot of businesses. They?ve spent much of the last half-decade or so optimizing their sites for keywords and content. And they?ve spent only a small amount of time developing tools that supercharge their visual impact. But if they want to attract visual customers, they?ve going to have to go beyond mere words. Here?s how you can use imagery to engage.

Convert Ideas To Infographics


If you?re desperate to get a complicated message across, infographics are ideal. Infographics condense an enormous amount of information down into small, manageable chunks. A lot of small businesses think that infographics require an enormous amount of time and training to produce. But with infographic apps, that?s no longer the case. Taking raw data and building compelling tables and charts is now significantly easier than it was a couple of years ago.

Bespoke Photography


There?s nothing worse than going to a site and seeing a load of stock photography. It?s uninspiring. And often it can represent a missed opportunity to get visual customers engaged with your brand. Using professional photography means that you can get hold of images that are directly relevant to your clients. You can then label these pictures and improve your SEO more than you could with stock photos.

Make Your Photos Illustrative

With the rise of photo editing apps, photos can be transformed well beyond their original state. Sites like AppAdvice list a whole bunch of smartphone apps you can use to make your photos appear more artistic. Some applications transform your photos into watercolour-effect images. Apps like Word Photo, allow you to blend written content with visuals. And other apps, including Over, enable you to build captions into your photographs.

Rich Animation

One of the biggest turn-offs for visual consumers is a dry, static page. Visual customers want to see movement and colors to get the engage with what you're doing. Most businesses get around this problem by including animations alongside text. The idea is to tell a story using pictures to help get customers engaged and entertained.

Bright, Bold, Friendly Colours

colors-185425_1280Visual design developers know a thing or two about the importance of website colors. Today, the style is to be bright and bold and to stick to only a couple of tones. Professionals abandoned multi-tonal web design a long time ago. Darker, duller colors are also out of fashion. Designers prefer brighter colors because they are considered to be friendlier.

Whimsical Illustrations

A lot of businesses think that illustrations are just for kids. But that?s just not true anymore. Take a look at Freshbooks website, for example. This is a company that is essentially offering people an accounting service. It?s hardly the sort of service that you?d associate with silly pictures and bright colors. And yet that?s precisely what Freshbooks? visual designers have done. There are pictures of toy dolls next to calculators. And it?s all about creating an attractive visual layout beyond the usual blocks of color. If you want to grow your visual appeal, you should learn about whimsical illustrations.

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