The Smart Panel is a cutting-edge market research project run by Verto Analytics.

The goal of the project is to collect information about how people use the internet ? whether that?s through their computers, on their smartphones, or on their tablets. We want to understand how people interact with each other, with their favorite websites, with their apps, and with their devices.

By participating in the Smart Panel, you?re sharing your data with us. We then make sure that data is anonymous and perform a variety of statistical calculations on it. Those statistics are then shared with our customers ? the very websites, apps, and tech companies that you know and love.

You?re helping us to make the internet better, and that?s important. That?s why for sharing your data with us, we?re happy to pay you. Just for signing up and installing the Smart App to your devices, you earn $5. Once the Smart App has been installed and active on your devices for 30 days, your rewards will become available to redeem. For every month that you use the Smart App, you?ll earn another $5. After your devices have been syncing with us for 90 days, you can earn a loyalty bonus of $5. After six months, you can earn a loyalty bonus of $10, after nine months $15, and every quarter after that another $15.

All of these rewards are redeemable either as Paypal payments (meaning you just get the cash) or as Gift Cards (which can be used for purchases at

Thank you for joining the Smart Panel, and thank you for helping us make the internet better!

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