You have an excellent logo and a strong brand, however, how well would you say you are utilising them?

Once your high-quality logo is designed and prepared to go, it ought to show up on all your branded material, including your WordPress site. Usually, there are three schools of thought as to where logos can go: in the upper left, top-centre, or top right corners of a page.

Here's our short list of logo placement best practices which will enable you to lift your brand and your business visibility.

Logo Placement Guidelines for the best Logo placement best practices


Placing logo in your staff uniform is one of the logo placement best practices, coats and other garments that features your brand hues as well as your logo. This strengthens your Best Brand Development and makes it simple for the audience to distinguish representatives. It's likewise shrewd to wear logo attire to occasions and exchange shows to expand your brand past your four dividers.

Logo Positioning in Business Cards

People still love to exchange business cards, so ensure you have some embellished with your logo, slogan and contact data. It's smarter to offer even a straightforward card than none by any stretch of the imagination.

Logo Placement in Business Forms

It sounds self-evident, however, ensure your logo shows up on business forms like invoices, packing slips, receipts, and many more.

Use Company Logo in Mugs, Water Bottles and Koozies

Everybody's centred around remaining hydrated nowadays, and espresso fills work environments. Get some additional promoting oomph with logoed items like mugs and water jugs to use as expressions of gratitude or as giveaways in your public expo or expo stall. What's more, bear in mind the koozies, as well!

Use Logo in Corporate Branding

Your signs and banners are presumably the most evident spots to put your logo. Ensure the picture is sufficiently massive to be discernable at separation, and that you pick textual styles and hues that can without much of a stretch be perused when cruising by. Bear in mind to hang signs and banners in noticeable sight lines.

Stationery and Mailing Labels

Letterhead, envelopes and mailing names are pure vehicles for passing on your brand. Past the logo, pick a paper stock that is by your brand esteems, as reused paper in case you're eco-cognizant. This shows you walk your discussion.

Logo Placement in Ads

If you go to public expos, you'll require a lot of promotional giveaways. Pick choices in light of what your customers and prospects can utilise or need, and how incredible your logo looks on the item.


There's no telling what number of shabby totes get left at scenes or in lodging rooms after occasions, yet a high-quality tote or protected pack dependably gets brought home since it confronts rehashed utilise. That makes it an announcement for your business.

Take Your Branding to the Next Level

Here are three more approaches to expand your brand

1. Themed Items: Jason Parks, proprietor of Columbus, OH-based digital promoting organisation The Media Captain, utilises branded amplifying glasses is counted as logo placement best practices. “Since we're a pursuit office, this strengthens our centre message. An amplifying glass is additionally a remarkable thing that not many individuals have any longer, so they'll be less disposed to hurl it.”

2. Office D?cor: “If you have an open confronting business that is regularly visited by customers, it's an awesome plan to mirror the brand hues all through,” clarifies Juily Gite, an outline specialist for Staples? Design Services. “Little touches ? like having the greater part of the espresso mugs in brand hues, or a complementing floor covering in the door ? demonstrate cohesion and polished methodology over the business are counted as logo placement best practices. At the point when a customer strolls through an office space and sees the brand hues rehash, they get a feeling that everything is in agreement. Try not to try too hard, however. A few businesses go somewhat insane and paint their office dividers in brilliant hues to mirror their logo, and it can overpower for guests and representatives alike.”

3. Social Media Profiles: Don't neglect to brand your digital business. Utilize your logo as your social media symbol or company profile picture to guarantee that each customer presented to your social media page sees that logo. Furthermore, use the headers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which enable you to share pictures. “By utilising the space accommodated a bigger header picture, brands can join their hues as well as logo, a little advance that transforms their social profile into a branded channel,” Gite clarifies.


Following above logo placement best practices will help you to manufacture your brand more in public. Feel free to share your thoughts on the given below comment box.

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