Live To Win Sweepstakes

I?m now $500 richer thanks to a handy little app called LiveToWin via Apple IOS. It?s a new

kind of app that makes it easy to win prizes that are worth bragging about. I had the chance

to win a TV or claim some cash delivered by check or PayPal deposit. I chose the money and

actually got paid via PayPal.

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The app is free to download at the Apple App Store?and will soon be available at Google Play.

It?s compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. Users have the opportunity to earn bonus

entries with a new spin-the-wheel game, by signing up for different services or watching a 30-

second commercial. Users can choose a username or log in with Facebook.


It?s a daily giveaway with prizes ranging from gift cards and cash to a variety of cool products.

Winners are guaranteed and the app offers a My Entries feature that keeps entrants informed of

what, when and how their winning. People can choose how they want to receive their prize, an

option that?s often sadly lacking in most contests.


There are other contest and sweepstakes apps out there and I?ve always been pretty lucky when

entering contests. I?ve won iPads and tons of other things, simply because people don?t take

the time to enter these things. LiveToWin allows users to enter with a simple tap of the screen

making it easy to play.

Live To Win Payment

Contest and sweepstakes apps have been badly maligned over the years, due primarily to the

number of fraudulent apps and scams being perpetrated. A lot of people have become suspicious

of any app or contest, thereby depriving themselves of some very lucrative opportunities. I can

honestly say that the LiveToWin app is the genuine article that delivers on its claims of great

daily prizes and cash payoffs.

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