E-learning is electronic learning, if you didn?t guess. This means using a computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone to access a course whether it's in a school, part of your mandatory business training or a full distance learning course.

In the earliest years of its inception, e-learning garnered negative press, mainly due to the fact that many people, at this time, were still against the induction of modern day technology into life and especially into classrooms. Those that thought bringing computers into the classroom would remove the all-important human interaction that some learners need. However, as time has progressed, both ways of teaching and technology have developed, meaning that there is now a healthy and balanced style of teaching that involves both physical and technological aspects and is on the whole expected by the students being taught.


But you don't just have to access e-learning, you can deliver it too, even if you?re not an educational institution such as a university. If you wish to create a not-for-profit company with the remit of educating children in a certain field, like Digital Ink Drop?s goal of teaching children to learn to read and write through electronic activities, then choosing the best platform to create your e-learning content is pivotal, as, in many respects, the eLearning authoring tool you use have the power to make or break your eLearning course. This is why it's so essential to choose the that offer you the features and functions you want, as well as the usability you need. And once you?ve chosen the right one for you, it?s important to get to grips with it as quickly as possible, because once it?s up and running you will be inundated with the challenges of making sure everybody who is using your service is finding it as easy as possible to use. Training Connection's Captivate classes, for instance, are highly recommended if that is in fact that authoring tool that you choose to utilize. As well as this, you must research the audience you are targeting and as well as everything that might be asked regarding the lessons you are offering. You must be able to answer ANY questions that come your way.

But it is not just about the learning aspect of your task. You must also provide an easy interface for your students, or audience, to use; for instance, you must focus on website design. Like the shop windows of businesses of past generations, your e-learning platform must have a website that shows prospective customers everything they could possibly want to see, and quickly. And with searching and shopping from smartphones and tablets, otherwise known as mobile commerce, soaring in popularity, your website must be responsive to mobile devices; simply meaning they must work clearly and coherently when accessed on them. Website design tips can be sought here.

So if teaching is a passion of yours, but you haven?t got any desire to get yourself into a classroom, then setting up an e-learning system could be for you.

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