What is The Secret?

?The Secret? book, the one that claims to empower its readers with the biggest secret of the world through which they can live the life they have always dreamt of, is a huge rage and rightly so. The practitioners of the secret swear by its miraculous effects in their lives and strongly believe in its authenticity and efficacy. So what is this big secret that is helping people achieve happiness, prosperity and good health? The secret is nothing but the ?Law of Attraction?.


The Law of Attraction is pretty simple in theory and principle; it simply states that like attracts like. According to this law, whatever is happening in one?s life at the present moment is the result of his/her past thoughts. As per this law, when a person thinks positively, he attracts positive results and when that same person thinks of negative thoughts, such as those of failure and loss, he ends up experiencing the same.

How Law of Attraction Works

According to ?The Secret? book, the knowledge of the law of attraction is the key to using it to one?s advantage. By knowing how the law of attraction works, one can alter one?s thought pattern and lifestyle in order to attract anything that one might desire, be it love, health, wealth or professional success. Here?s how you can use this potent law to transform your life and make all your dreams come true.

Visualize It

Whether you want to be rich or you want to have a harmonious relationship, simply close your eyes and visualize it in your mind. Visualize yourself living like a wealthy person or sharing a happy moment with your partner, depending on what it is that you want. Try to visualize as vividly as possible, with all the little details you can think of. The clearer your visualization, the better shall be the results.

Believe It

Now that you have started visualizing your dreams coming true, it?s time to believe it and believe it with all your heart and mind. Your faith and belief need to be absolutely unshakeable. Believe that you have become rich or that you have a beautiful relationship with your partner. Faith is one of the strongest forces and it shall take you even closer to your dreams; no wonder they say that faith can move mountains!

Experience It

With consistent practice of visualizing and believing your dreams coming true, you will soon start experiencing them in your real life. The world will present unexpected opportunities to you and will open new gateways that will make the biggest of your dreams come true. What would have once seemed impossible will soon seem every bit probable.

All you need to do is- Visualize, Believe and Experience!


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