Have you noticed that most of your competitors seem to have blogs on their websites and are wondering whether you should follow suit? Research has shown that adding a blog to your website can increase the traffic that you?re getting by more than 50 percent – that?s a huge increase!

There?s no doubt about it, when used effectively blogging can be a great way to boost your website?s traffic. Of course, the thing that a lot of business owners fail to understand is that it?s not just a case of writing any old post and it being effective. Oh no, there?s a lot more to making your site?s traffic soar than that.

Want to know what it takes to use a blog to increase your website?s traffic and search engine ranking – then keep reading!

book and laptopQuality content is crucial

If you want your blog to boost your website?s traffic and improve its search engine ranking, it?s crucial that you only share quality content. Blog posts should be well thought out and researched, and should always focus on something that links to your business. So for instance, say you run a wedding cake business, your blog posts should link to weddings and wedding cakes. They could be tips posts, how-tos, or event industry specific posts – it all depends on who your target audience is. If the content that you provide isn?t of a high quality, then having a blog is pointless because no one will read the pieces that you?re posting, and so, your site?s traffic won?t increase and neither will its search engine ranking.

It?s vital that you understand how to use SEO

To give your website the best chance of increasing the amount of traffic that it?s getting, you need to boost where it ranks in search engines like Google. One of the best ways to do this is with the use of SEOSearch Engine Optimization. Most business owners have heard the term SEO before but don?t totally understand how SEO works, as such. When it comes to using SEO effectively, it?s important to understand that if you don?t use keywords in the right way, it can have a negative impact, as the Google Penguin Infographic shows. However, if you learn how to use keywords and other SEO tactics properly, you can significantly improve your site?s search engine rank, as well as the amount of traffic that it?s getting.

Understand the best ways to promote it using social media marketing

In order to increase the amount of traffic that your website is getting, it?s important to know how to promote your blog content effectively. One of the best methods of doing so is with the use of social media marketing – aka sharing your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. The key to success with this is the use of relevant hashtags.

There you have it, a guide to using a business blog to make your site?s traffic soar and your search rank improve. Hopefully, everything that you need to know to do this has been covered above!

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