Competition is fierce in today?s marketing environment and successful online entrepreneurs must always search for new revenue streams. Kontera provides that by combining search engine technology with in-text advertising delivered through its extensive advertising network. Kontera represents the next generation of online marketing for targeted results.

Kontera uses the content within websites to provide visitors with the most relevant and high paying ads. Using keywords and phrases within the text portion of website content, Kontera delivers ads via hyperlink, utilizing their exclusive inventory of ads. Viewers are automatically provided with information without the need to search for it. Kontera works with some of the biggest names in advertising to deliver click through and cost-per-click rates that users won?t find anywhere else. Websites require no changes and no extra space to utilize Kontera.

The system delivers a superior user experience with its patented Story-Level Targeting. It works by analyzing and predicting the viewer?s intent based on the content being viewed. The system determines the best ad options based on information compiled from thousands of websites, available ads and those in progress, topics, keywords and content, and it accomplishes it almost instantaneously for each page. Kontera also includes a learning module – ads change and rotate as new website content is added, providing an updated stream of targeted ads.

Set up can be accomplished in minutes, with plugins that are easy to install. It works with the most popular blogging platforms, including Blogger, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Once installed, website owners are in complete control. Kontera?s reporting system allows users to monitor their website?s performance and track revenue. It saves marketers and website owners hours of tedious work.

Kontera users receive the best payouts in the business, with a 70 percent revenue share. Qualified sites with over 25k U.S. page views per month receive a signing bonus. As an added incentive, users are paid beginning at $50.

Kontera provides everything users need to target the most desirable viewers, thereby expanding revenue. The delivery system is unobtrusive and specifically optimized for content within the user?s individual website. The system?s ability to learn and change as content is added ensures a new experience for viewers each time they visit the website, resulting in added revenue streams for increased profit.

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