So, you’ve just set up your website, and you’re excited to see the visitors rolling in and your analytics going up! However, you’re finding a completely different result to what you expected… it doesn’t seem that anyone has really noticed your new business website at all.

Don’t worry, it happens a lot! Getting your business out there can be a complicated web of trickery, and there’s a bit more effort you need to put in to really watch those numbers climb up. And this post is here to help you achieve that; make sure you take the points below into account.

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Are Your Keywords Specific Enough?

You need selected keywords to bring some real attention to your website, to ensure it pops up as a top result when someone searches for something related to your company. And any digital marketing agency worth their salt is going to tell you that these keywords need to be more specific than general!

Your keywords need to be something specific to you, that clearly shows what niche you're in, to help eliminate the main bulk of the competition at the same time. Doing so will help you to corner your own little market, by giving you the chance to make it big in a small, profitable slither of the market at large.

Are You Creating Enough Content?

Next, you need to be rolling out content on a regular basis; most website owners find that once or twice a week works best, but you could try to post daily if you’re trying to create a splash as soon as possible. And if you’re working without a blog at the moment, it’s time to create one centered on your brand and the many different applications your product/service has!

Be sure to create both evergreen and trendy content here, to help give you a portfolio of both short term and long term pieces. This combination will help to bring in attention via hype, and then get your visitors to stick around for more.

Are You Making a Spectacle of Yourself?

Finally, there’s a fine line between bringing in some notice for your website, and making a big spectacle of yourself. It’s the difference between creating content that’s relevant to your website and creating random content that clearly shows you’re trying to capitalise on every single trend. Because the latter can get very annoying to a viewer, and will turn them off very quickly!

So take it slow, make content that revolves around you, and make sure your social media is regularly updated (but not overloaded) with images, links, and hashtags. Draw in the right audience, focusing on leads you’ve built, rather than wildly post in the hopes of attracting anyone and everyone.

To attract visitors to your new website, you’re going to have to answer the three questions above. But once you do, you can be sure you’re working on the right track, and you’ll build that mailing list in no time!

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