One of the major benefits of running a business in the internet age is that being successful is much easier. That may sound like a bold statement to make, but the truth is when it comes to business success, the internet has levelled the playing field, so to speak. It is now much easier for smaller companies to compete with larger and more experienced corporations. Regardless of the size of their budget. Companies of all shapes and sizes can now reach a record number of potential customers. And all thanks to the power of the internet. That being said, not all businesses know how to use the internet to increase success. Or even, the benefits of taking the time to do so.

With that in mind, below we have shared some of the undeniable benefits of the internet for businesses. Along with ways that brands should be utilizing this powerful resource.

computer-768608_1280Sharing information is quicker and easier

20 years ago, sharing information about a product or service that your business was launching was far from easy. It would be expensive, time-consuming, and wholly ineffective. Mainly because of how limited your audience was. However, thanks to the rise of the internet, sharing information is now simpler and easier than ever before. From the use of email campaigns using software like Mailchimp to the use of social media, information sharing couldn?t be easier. Because most of these resources are free to use, sharing information has also become much more affordable. Meaning that businesses of all shapes and sizes are able to do so freely. Effectively upping their chances of their success.

Marketing doesn?t have to cost you the earth

Traditional marketing solutions can be incredibly expensive. Especially those that involve good old fashioned paper marketing. However, thanks to the internet, online marketing has become a new and more cost-effective option. The internet is not only a resource for marketing but also has plenty of information and advice about how it works. For instance, you can discover online marketing here, and read up on the ins and outs of each option. The fact is there are various ways that businesses can advertise online, some of which are effective, and some that aren?t. So before choosing a marketing option, it?s always best to do your research. The last thing you want is to put a whole lot of time and effort into something, only for it to fail spectacularly.

Social media makes networking much easier


It?s no secret that for businesses of all shapes and sizes, networking is crucial. The business industry is a big place, and so, to get your brand name out there, you need to make time to network with other industry professionals. Traditionally, networking was something that was done face to face at networking events. Many industry professionals still network in this way. And while that?s their prerogative, it?s not always practical to leave your office to attend a networking event. However, thanks to the internet – or social media to be exact – you no longer have to. Many companies now choose to network online with the help of social media. The best social media site for online networking is Twitter, as there are various chats held each day. These are a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and grow your business?s reach. There are various Twitter chats to take part in, but some of the best ones are #smallbizchat, #SEOchat, and #PMchat.

Reduces costs

Regardless of their size, all businesses want to find ways to reduce their spending. As the more money they can save on everyday costs, the more they have to invest in other areas of running their company. The internet has made saving money as a business owner much easier, as we mentioned above. As well as making marketing cheaper and more cost-effective, the internet has also reduced other business costs. Take mail, for instance. Businesses used to have to pay to print documents out and then pay to send them. However, now important documents can be sent for free via email, saving companies money on postage. Then there?s the fact that the internet can save businesses money by cutting phone bills and travel costs. This is thanks to wi-fi calls and video chatting. Another example is free software – the internet offers a lot of free software that can be useful for businesses. As a resource, the internet is fantastic for helping to reduce costs.

Offering good customer service is easier

6497720551_79c434a2a0Last but not least, thanks to the internet it?s much easier to offer higher levels of customer service. You see, social media sites have meant that it?s easier than ever before for customers to contact companies with queries. It has also made it much easier for brands to reply to these. The invention of online web chats, such as Google Hangouts, have made it easier again for companies to be contacted. Live chats are popular because they?re quick and easy in comparison to having to call a customer service number. There?s no waiting around on hold or expensive bills to worry about. It?s just a case of typing in a message and waiting for a response. Studies have shown that companies that offer live chats on their websites tend to rank better in terms of customer service quality. So a web chat is something that?s most definitely worth adding to your website.

The internet age has had a big impact on the business industry and has changed it in many ways. Today, a business without a website is rare. Whereas, 20 years ago very few companies would have websites. Those that did, would have limited traffic because few people used the internet or even had a computer in their homes. However, today that?s no longer the case. The internet is a resource that?s used day in, day out by the majority of society, including many successful businesses. Hence why it has become such a useful tool for business owners to use to make running their company easier.

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