We’re all going through a very similar situation at the moment. The pandemic is making normal life difficult for everybody, and we can’t always be expected to work at maximum productivity. That being said, there may be a few ways we can maximize productivity and get the most out of this tough time. 

Let’s take a look at ways to increase business productivity during the pandemic: 

Focus On Creating And Sustaining A Routine 

When you have a team working from home, routine can be something they struggle with. Encouraging them to keep a routine can be a huge help. Arranging a video chat can also encourage your team to get ready for the day and stick to the routine because they feel more accountable.

It can be extra challenging for those who have kids and other family members at home, so being understanding and allowing flexibility is also key. Family disruptions are to be expected. Asking for a check in at the start of the day can help you to see who is able to stick to your preferred schedule and who may need to make changes. Here are some tips to make this work:

  • Ask for a regular start time as much as possible. 
  • Be flexible. 
  • Encourage communication and honesty. 
  • Encourage your team to set up a separate area for work and emphasize how this can help with mindset. 
  • Send occasional reminders about routine. Encourage a healthy breakfast, physical activity, and other things that can enhance a routine and make the day better and more productive. 


Give An Equipment Budget 

Not everybody will have the equipment or the right setup to work from home. If they are using low quality equipment, you’ll see productivity drop. Ask employees if they have everything they need, and let them know there’s a budget if there is anything they do need. Purchasing a new mouse, keyboard, or microphone for them could make a big difference. 

Consider Using This Time As A Reset

The ripple effects of COVID-19 will likely be seen for some time. It has likely thrown you off trajectory significantly, but you can make this better by aiming to use this time as a reset. A crisis time like this can point you towards flaws that you may not have noticed before, or may have been able to ignore. You can make the changes to your infrastructure that you have been ignoring and reevaluate your business. Would you be prepared for this if something similar were to happen again? Aim to:

  • Streamline your meetings. 
  • Figure out ways to manage projects remotely and stay in touch with one another.
  • Look at an upgraded network cabling solution to avoid downtime and ensure everything runs smoothly when you’re back at work. 

Ultimately, you should use this time to prepare your business for future setbacks and success. The whole world is struggling right now, but you could experience benefits from this if you handle it correctly. How are you going to increase your business productivity during the pandemic? 

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