How will DCB revolutionize e-commerce?

The rise and development of information technology and the Internet have created a great environment for online businesses to thrive. The Internet has a great influence on our lives, it has developed so much, it has become one of the main mediums where we do our purchases, communicate with others. It's a virtual meeting place for the majority of our daily operations.

Along with its development, a change in the business environment happened. Businesses are now racing to offer a seamless service as possible and as convenient as it can be for the customers. One of the methods that allow brands to be more approachable to customers in the ways of how we deal with money transactions. Direct Carrier Billing, as a payment method, has a great potential to speed up the purchasing process and improve customer experience. And it's threatening to revolutionize e-commerce. Let's see how.

What is DCB?

But, before we dive in and explain how Direct Carrier Billing revolutionizes e-commerce, let’s see what DCB is.

Direct Carrier Billing or, shortly, DCB is an online purchasing method that allows customers to pay for the services by charging them on their mobile phone bills. Besides mobile phones, DCB works on almost any tech device, ranging from tablets to smart TVs. 

Why will DCB revolutionize e-commerce?

Now when we’ve explained what DCB is, let’s see how it can revolutionize e-commerce.

  • It’s easy to use.

One of the main reasons why we think Direct Carrier Billing is going to revolutionize e-commerce is the fact it simplifies the payment process. Since DCB isn’t dependent on any banking infrastructure, customers don’t have to disclose all the details and leighty information they’re putting in when they use other payment options. This makes DCB an easy and convenient payment option, and it’s seen as a great tool that can help in customer acquisition.

  • It’s accessible.

Using DCB in online purchases means that customers just have to have their smart devices at hand to make a payment. They don’t need to sign up each time, fill in leighty and sensitive information. They don’t even have to have a credit card!

Since there are more people in the world owning a smartphone than credit cards, integrating DCB as a payment option for your business will allow those people to seamlessly make their purchase, but open up space for a greater customer pool.

  • It increases customers’ trust.

As we said before, DCB doesn’t require customers to put in their sensitive information to make a purchase, making it one of the safest payment methods. Besides that, given that DCB payments are secured with multiple levels of security and don’t pose a risk to the customer, users feel safe and comfortable while purchasing products. Because of all this, consumers have more trust in this type of payment, making it one of the most desirable forms of payment.

  • It’s able to increase conversions.

Since it’s generally easy to use, using DCB for your business has a great potential to decrease cart abandonment rates. Due to its simplicity, DCB works the best with businesses where customers are more likely to impulse buy products, such as the gaming and gambling industry, for instance.

  • It offers a possibility of tapping into undeveloped markets.

Surprisingly, there are more smartphone users than credit card owners in the world. And while this might pose a problem for other payment options, DCB allows brands to tap into undeveloped markets with poorly developed banking infrastructure, broadening their customer pool.

Wrapping it up.

With a fast change of technology comes the fast change in how we conduct our purchases. E-commerce businesses need to adapt to these changes fastly and be agile if they want to stay competitive. DCB is one of the trends that it's not new, but its potential is yet to be seen. And we cannot wait for it to happen!

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