It is always a challenge for non-technical clients to pick the right technology for their web or mobile applications. They are highly dependent on the software development service providers to select an appropriate technology mix for their projects.

While they approach an agile software development company, they used to share references for what type of applications they want to develop. But, they have no clarity which technologies are the best for their future web or mobile application in terms of cost, time, and performance.

Are you one of such entrepreneurs who is facing the same challenge? Then, this post will help you to understand the difference between different technologies, which technology you should consider, what type of company you should work with, and how much does it cost to hire the developer having the right skill set.

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Difference between Front-end, Back-end & Full Stack

There are different types of technologies that serve different purposes.

Front-end: It contains a set of technologies that develop front-end functionalities where users interact with your application.

Back-end: It comprises a set of technologies that store, manage, and process the data entered by users from the front-end.

Full stack: It contains a technology mix of UI/UX, front-end, back-end, API, database and testing for app development.

In short, if you hire front-end developers and back-end developers, you will get access to the limited skill set. But, by selecting full stack developers, you can adopt and implement almost all the advanced technologies.

Stages of Full Stack Development

Presentation Layer

In the presentation layer, full stack developers create the client-side app where users interact with the app’s interface. They focus on creating highly functional and responsive applications so it would be available across all devices. To develop functionally smooth mobile or web applications, full stack developers use their knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstraps, Angular JS, and React JS.

Business Logic Layer

This layer focuses on server-side programming languages and allows to develop application back-end using PHP, .NET, WordPress, NodeJS and other technologies. In this stage, full stack developers write the code to create a dynamic connection between the presentation layer and the database. The business logic layer transmits user inputs to the database and brings back the output.

Database Layer

Database layer is a huge warehouse of information. It contains the data that works as a repository, storing, and capturing information from the front-end, using the back-end. Skilled full stack developers excel in planning how the data will be fetched, optimized, and stored in the business logic layer or back-end.

Key Technologies of Full Stack Development

Front End – JavaScript, Angular.js, React JS, HTML5

Back End – Node.js, PHP, .NET, Magento, WordPress

Design – HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

Databases – MongoDB, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Redis, Hadoop

Server – Apache, IIS, Nginx, AWS

Mobile App Development – Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, Ionic, React Native, Cordova

Why Consider Full Stack Developers Over Front-end and Back-end Developers?

Proficiency in Multiple Technologies

As we discussed, full stack developers have a profound knowledge of both front-end and back-end technologies. So, they can easily switch between client-side tech stack & server-side technologies and address issues without any dependency. It saves a lot of time and cost of your project development as the same developer is capable to address complex technical requirements and deliver the exact solution to generate the accurate outcome.

Design Structure

Full stack developers are not just responsible to write code for your mobile or web applications. They look into the design structure of your app and address any requirements. Professionals from an experienced full stack development company also know how to tackle the user interface design and the code to build seamless applications using the varied front-end and back-end technologies.

Cost Effectiveness

If you hire separate developers for front-end and back-end development, it will increase the overall cost of your project. Selecting full stack developers, you can get access to a wider skill set that involves client-side, server-side, design, server, database, and mobile proficiencies. It will cost you least as you need to hire a single developer rather than hiring independent professionals for each technology. Thus, you can generate the same output with fewer resources.

On-time Project Delivery

Hiring fill stack developers for your project, you can leverage the least dependency on different resources. It speeds up your application development cycle and increases the chances of on-time project completion. A team of full stack developers divides the responsibility amongst the team members and coordinate effectively with the client and internal resources to produce the expected results faster and in-time.

Full Stack Application Development Processes


Selection of full stack development approach depends on your project requirements. An experienced full stack development company understand your project requirements at first and then suggest you the full stack development if it builds cost-effective and highly efficient mobile and web applications for you.


Full stack developers take care of the design structure and different design elements of your application. They can address any design related issues and develop highly intuitive and interactive UI/UX using the latest design tools and technologies.


Hire full stack developer from a renowned full stack development company who have proven experience of working with varied industry domains and expertise to build applications with the latest front-end, back-end, design, server, mobile, and database tools and technologies.


After the completion of application design and development, it is very essential to apply different automated and manual testings to build high performance & bug-free solutions and deliver best in class experience to the end users. Make sure, all functions work perfectly before launching the application for public use.


A leading full stack development company provide end-to-end services that involve application deployment too. Once you are sure about the functional efficiency of your mobile or web app, deploy it on the targeted server and make it available to users.

Maintenance and Support

Under support and maintenance services, you can leverage maintaining, troubleshooting, enhancing and modifying your legacy systems. It keeps your application compatible with the latest technology platforms and devices.

How Does It Cost to Hire A Full Stack Developer?

Costing always depends on your project requirements. If you have a small project, then you can hire one or two developers. But, for a large scale project, you need to hire more full stack developers to complete the project within a tight deadline. If we talk about the market rate for hiring skilled full stack developers, it is 65$/per hour.

Wrapping Up

Make a smart decision by picking full stack developers for your next web or mobile solution. They will always enable you with more benefits than regular app developers in terms of project cost and delivery time. They can easily handle client-side and server-side app development by utilizing their wide and comprehensive knowledge of various aspects and technologies.

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