Today search engines have become the most significant source of information andencyclopedia, and that’s why millions of people around the world use them every day.  As the popularity of search engines is growing among the users, the website owners started searching forSEO companies near me. Although if you learn some basics of search engine optimization, you can optimize their website according to the search engines algorithm to increase its traffic and get more leads for their business.

If you are also having a website and want to increase your business with the help of searching engines, then you must read below points.

Off Page Optimization: Techniques and frameworks used to get your website ranked on the top of the search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo include building high-quality backlinks which is an integral part of the SEO. When a web page interfaces with some other page, it is known as backlink. Nature of backlinks is as per the following:

• High Domain Authority

• Trustfulness of the website

• Do-Follow and No-Follow links

On Page Optimization: On-page SEO is the demonstration of enhancing particular pages with the objective to rank higher and increase its visibility on the web. On-page infers to both content and HTML source code of the page that can be streamlined.

On page Optimization centers on substance and structure of a site. It incorporates:

• Meta Title

• Meta Tags

• Meta Descriptions

• Page Navigation

Best Practices of SEO are as per the following:


Content for the website must highly informative and not copied from elsewhere. The material must be well written and helpful for the users. Appropriate and useful data must be added to evade perplexity of the content because it is a vital part of SEO. Evading important key phrases permits the commitment of end client on the website page.


Meta title of your page gives searchers and web look apparatuses a short portrayal of your website page. From the SEO point of view, the essential key phrases ought to be at the earliest reference point pursued by the other significant watchwords. Although keyword stuffing in the Meta title tag is not a good practice and must keep the significant catchphrases.


A meta description is a synopsis of around 160words about the respective page. The critical and essential focuses ought to be referenced in the portrayal which is useful to the client.

Website Navigation

From the SEO perspective, website Navigation is the best practice to get your website rank higher in the search engines. The navigation enables users to browse the site more proficiently and efficiently without any trouble.

Page Headings

The page Headings are an important part of the web page. Technically page Headings differ from <h1> to <h6>. <h1>is the principle heading tag. The <h1> must be novel and ought to be one on each page. It ought to contain no less than one keyword.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

URLs are the essential part of a website, and that’s why you make sure that your site has only static URLs because the search engine bots more crawl them. Contrary to the static URLs are the dynamic URLs that contain special characters like =~? ~. On the other hand, static URLs have essential keywords of the page and then separated by hyphens.

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