There are so many web developers around but the quality of their services varies so you need to look for certain qualities in your web development company. It is very important to hire a web development company that makes use of WordPress to build websites. This is because WordPress offers so many benefits. WordPress based websites allow users to be able to make some modifications without consulting the developers.

Search Engine Optimization

There are millions of websites on the internet now and more are still being hosted. So, building a website is not enough. Optimizing it for search engines is equally as important as building the website. So, you need to hire a web developer who is also experienced in search engine optimization. Launching a website without optimizing it for search engines is like winking in the dark. The benefits of search engine optimization is not only visibility, it also pulls ready buyers to your website. This is because people who search about a product online are usually people who need the product.

Content Management

Search engine optimization will only attract traffic to your website. It is the content that will make them order your products or services. Nobody really needs ordinary traffic that won?t make orders. In fact, no company can survive on mere traffic. It is their orders that will keep your company in business. So content is very important. Your web development company needs to be knowledgeable about content management too.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Internet is now accessed more via mobile devices than via PC or laptop. This is why mobiles apps have become indispensable to businesses now. The only alternative to mobile apps are mobile friendly websites. So, you should be sure that your web developer can develop a mobile friendly website. Companies whose websites are too big and complicated to be mobile friendly have mobile apps.

Social Media Integration

It is important for your web developer to be able to integrate your website with popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This makes it possible for the visitors of your website to be able to share any post they come across on your website. When some of your posts are shared, it boosts the credibility and popularity of your brand.

Incorporation of Analytics

Every website should have analytics incorporated into it. This feature gives you daily statistics about your traffic and products. Some of the important reports that you get are the number of daily visitors, the number of orders on each of your products. This daily report is very important. For instance, if the number of your daily traffic begins to dwindle, you will quickly find solution to it before your number of daily sales begins to reduce. Secondly, if the number of orders of a particular product reduces too, you will definitely find a solution to it. Remember, a problem identified is a problem half solved. Without analytics, you may not be aware of any problem until you have lost most of your customers.

Our websites load easily and fast

Your website should be able to load very fast even with weak signal. Any website that takes more than 10 seconds to load is unacceptable. You can only achieve this if your website isn?t heavy and has little functions. Heavy websites also consume more mobile data each time they load.

Simplicity matters

Your web developer should consider simplicity and ease of use. There are so many other companies offering what you offer. So, why should anybody take a lecture on how to navigate through your website? It should be so simple and intuitive enough for a 10-year old kid to be able to navigate through on his own. This is why it is very important to include only functions that are important to the purpose of the website. Contrary to what most people think, too many functions don?t attract traffic, rather they make your website difficult to use.

Universal Compatibility

Your website should support all kinds of browsers. It should be compatible with Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera Mini and others. This is very important because it does not make sense for anybody to change his browser because he wants to order your products. Or which is more convenient for you? To change your browser because you want to order a product from a company or look for another company that offers the same products?

Your website should be secure

The most important details of customers are their credit card or payment details and these details will be used on your website to order your products. So, your website should be very secure. If anybody doubts the security of your website, he will never order your products no matter how cheap your products are.

Improved turnaround time

A very good web developer should work with great speed. Time is very important to business. So, a good developer delivers projects even earlier than the agreed timeline. In fact, it is better to hire a developer that promises to deliver your website earlier than most developers.

Competitive charges

When it comes to web development, higher charges do not always lead to a higher quality website so you need to negotiate better. Besides, you should compare the charges of several web developers. You can select the developer with the most competitive charges. However, you should avoid overly low charges. This is because it usually leads to poor quality jobs. Most inexperienced web developers adopt this gimmick to attract clients.

Billing transparency

A trustworthy web developer should be able to offer billing transparency. There should not be any hidden charges or additional charges that will spring up when the service is on. Your exact charges should be laid bare for you even before you sign the dotted line.

Consider Experience

It is better to consider a web developer with several years? experience. The longer you offer a certain service the more you get better with the service. The most experienced web developer is likely to be the best. However, some service providers inflate their years of experience to lure innocent clients. This is why it is advisable to request a documentary evidence for years of experience. You should not rely on only word of mouth.

Hire a team

Although a single individual will charge you much less, it is better to hire a team of developers or a website development company for the sake of continuity. Change is the only constant thing in life and you will definitely have needs to modify your website. It is better if the modification is handled by the original developer. If you give it to a single individual, it is not likely that you will see him again after a year. He could have relocated, he could have gone back to school or he could have changed his profession.

In conclusion, it is important to bear in mind that no single developer will have all the requirements so you should prioritize them to separate the ones that are very important to you from the ones that you can ignore.

Author Bio:

Harnil Oza is a CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company based in USA & India having a team of best Indian app developers who deliver best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.

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