There are millions of companies around the world seeking to do almost the same thing as you in this day and age; catch the attention of clients and eventually market their goods or services. People have become more intelligent with their money, however, and are not quite as eager to let go of their money until they know it's a legitimate sale. This is where professionalism comes in, and with your company, it's something you should be striving for.

You might have a swanky website that shows off your goods and services, and very credible ads, but that may not be enough. So, if you're a business that needs to be more professional this year to better serve your clients and consumers, then you're in the right place! These tips will make your company look more professional in 2021, whether you're a small business that's new on the scene, or a well-established business that's looking for a boost.

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Uniform – even online!

Yes, you and your employees should dress smart for your day at work, but can you say you work for the same business when you're together as a unit? If the answer is no, now may be the time to look at a workplace uniform (or tighter dress code). With your company logo, you can get custom t-shirts, or even fleeces, coats and beanies to look more uniform! If, however, you work in an office setting that does not really suit a t-shirt or fleece, consider tightening the rules of your dress code and getting personalised name badges made with the name and logo of your company. Even if you’re an online company, doing this and taking pictures for your “About Us” page on your website will instantly add credibility to your business.

In today's world, where we're still battling COVID-19, buying customised PPE for your workers will be another gesture to keep you and your staff in uniform. Compared with a mix-match, imagine matching face masks with your company logo – it'd look more professional, right?!

Use a business phone number

Although it is perfectly okay to give potential customers and investors your personal phone number, you also run the risk of answering the phone in a less than professional way. This could destroy your reputation immediately, and that's why a business phone number is a fantastic idea. Not only that, you can route several phone lines from that number, enabling more staff members to assist individuals on the phone lines.

Instead of a basic and easy to forget number, buying a business telephone number often gives a powerful impression. Some business owners prefer to use a 1300 number because it is quick and easy to recall. Perhaps you're asking, “Are 1300 numbers free?” and you can find out more by following the link. Basically, it would immediately add professionalism to your company by using a 1300 number over a standard phone number, thus making you look more trustworthy to current and future clients.

Don’t skimp out on website design

Thanks to websites such as WordPress and its many plugins, it is not hard to build a working website these days. However, it takes more than a WordPress theme to create a professional-looking website! It's understandable that, particularly during the pandemic, you want to cut costs whenever possible, but this is an environment in which you should invest.

A professional web designer can not only make your website look more professional, but they can do this while maintaining your brand guidelines, integrating SEO into the design (making you rank higher on search engines), and ensuring that your website is easy to navigate, even for those who do not use the internet regularly. For a greater return and to look more professional, invest your money here.

Invest in professional images

Finally, no matter what size you are, you’ll need images for your business. Pictures are used to make products on websites and social media more appealing. Online photos are rising in quality these days, and because of this, you can't afford to miss out on customers.

Invest in a good camera, or hire an independent photographer to take amazing pictures of what you have to sell. Then, employ a graphic designer to bring together these photos! One thing that's important to note for your company with any graphic content is that it should always remain on brand. This way, customers will immediately realise it's from you as a company when they see your content, thereby adding another layer of trust and credibility.

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