This post discusses Best Plugins to Integrate WordPress Video Tutorials on WordPress sites with an easy-to-follow process to make your content more engaging & user-friendly.

A huge number of business are swaging around the internet. It is not only because they have realized the cost-effectiveness of it, but new technologies have also encountered them in every couple of months. So, if you are willing to run a website then let me tell you WordPress is the best open source website creation tool which is written in PHP. It powers 20% of the web.

So, now if you have planned to run a website on WordPress, it is great! But are you finding it hard to interface with site management and content creation? Then don?t worry. There are many integrated video tutorials which will help you to learn how to use WordPress in a few minutes. Of course, there are plugins which can simplify your learning experience by providing a video library by providing an easy setup for selecting videos to display to the users.

# Learning with Video is Effective

Using video for learning is practical in many ways. They are easy to create, easy to distribute, and can be re-used. Human brain process visual information in within few milliseconds. So, it is vital for users to create an effective video. The current rate of video use for online corporate training has been reported at 33.5%. The cost savings from video training is implied, and the convenience cannot be matched.

Thus, if video training is enabled in WordPress especially for freshers, they will be more clear about how to use it. By integrating video tutorials in WordPress site, we are just meeting our users where they are.

Here are some Best Integrated Video Tutorials Plugins for WordPress:

1. CM Video Lesson Manager

This Plugin quickly manages the video courses and webinars for its users. It offers its administrators and users to leave a comment, track progress, and mark favorites. The plugin also supports pay-per-view channels for a limited period of time.

CM Video Lesson supports watching videos generated on Vimeo Private Video Channels and displays videos on any page or post on your WordPress site. The best out of this plugin is that it supports payments, student tracking, personal notes, and bookmarks.

Special Features of CM Video Lesson Manager:

? Helps in seeking Vimeo channel and private videos

? Provides the user to comment on each video description

? Offers to bookmark the favorite videos

? Allow the admin to edit plugin labels and set a price for watching channels

? It provides the room for improvement as it shows progress report according to the user and channels visitors

2. Video User Manual

Video User Manual was built way back in 2008 and gives the end user both a video and online manual. The plugin offers to explain the functionality available to editors in the WordPress. It installs over 80 video tutorials in the client?s WordPress dashboard teaching them everything they need to know. The videos are entirely updated and use non-technical language and clear graphics which helps your clients to understand quickly.

Best features of Video User Manual are :-

? Easy customization, allows for the integration of your company logo and your videos.

? Hide settings from admins which avoid troubles from lost or changed plugins by clients.

? Simple and professional helps to paste the title, and the URL of your video into the options page and your video will then display.

3. WP 101

WP101 is amongst the successful WordPress tutorial series. It has been praised as the ?gold standard? for WordPress tutorials. It gives the user a substantial introduction about WordPress within few minutes. WP101 has 101 professionally produced videos and partnered with Yoast SEO.

It allows the users to add the custom videos itself. The list appears in the bottom along with WP101 videos. The user can visit the settings panel and add new videos by just pasting the video embed code from the video hosting provider.

The best out of WP101 features:-

? Install on up to 5000 client sites depending upon the plan

? It has 20 WordPress 101 videos.

? Offers 13 Yoast SEO videos

? It has white-labeled (i.e. no logos or branding, reinforcing your reputation and adding value to your business offering)

? Closed-captioned videos which ensure everyone has equal access to our WordPress training.

? Videos are automatically updated

? Install on all your clients? sites

? Fast-loading videos with no impact on your website?s server

4. Integrated Video Tutorial

WordPress Integrated Video Tutorials Plugin provides easy access to the entire WPMU DEV WordPress Video Tutorial library on the website or network. This product is available under the GPL License. The plugin offers to display tutorials network-wide on both the front and back end from the dashboard viewer to individual and group video embed codes.

Its distinctive features are:-

? Offers the latest information on premium quality

? Hosted and Guaranteed: Each video is hosted on our powerful servers and is delivered with unlimited plays, unlimited bandwidth and is SSL compatible.

? It is accessible and flexible i.e. it shows the videos from a sleek video player designed to blend with any theme.

? It has one API for all your sites

? Unlimited bandwidth and Plays

? Offers customizable playlists

? One-click contextual video access

5. WPLifeGuard+

WpLifeGuard?s is great WordPress video tutorials which help to learn using WordPress. It is simple and covers the WordPress dashboard which is ideal for anyone new to or experienced with WordPress. All you have to do is install LifeGuard+ Assistant on all your new client projects, and users can learn how to use WordPress just by watching the WP Lifeguard videos. The major drawback of WpLifeGuard plugin is that you cannot add your videos into the mix. The best out of it is that every time the user can get new updated videos.

Wrapping Up

All these plugins are of excellent and have some unique features in them. So how do you choose which one to use for your project? You can go through each plugin more in detail further and according to the depth of video coverage you want and customizability you are looking for then, you can go ahead.

Author Bio:- Priya is a Technical SEO at : SEO Company. ?She has 3 years experience in SEO, content marketing, and campaign management. she?s devoured every scrap of knowledge about search marketing and applies it daily as Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.

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