Influencer marketing has been an evolving branch of the marketing industry for some time now. Possibly, it is the best way to encourage branding amongst your targeted audience. So, what?s the best thing about it? Well, the audience is already there. You can leverage and present your product, ideas, and content in front of a new audience base to generate a good amount of leads/sales to your sales funnel.

When it comes to gaining more sales, Influencer Marketing can make it possible for you. Let?s say, you want to buy a new phone. To find out what it has in store for you, you check out the videos and testimonials online. When we see a picture of our desired products with our favorite influencer, we have an impulse to buy them. That?s the power of Influencer marketing. ?Influencers are Influential?. We all have a bunch of our favorite Influencers and admire their lifestyle plus choices.

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, businesses are making $7.65 for every $1 spent on Influencer marketing. A study by Snap Inc states that 31% chose influencers and celebrities who influence their decision of purchasing.

This article covers all the details and tips you will need to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign.

The Right Influencer, Not the Best One:

To find the right influencer related to your niche, you need to select an influencer that has an audience based on your niche. For example, if you are a fashion brand, search for the influencers whose interests reflect your products and style. If you have products related to technology, you need to find from a pool of tech influencers. Try searching them with relevant keywords and you will find a bunch of them.

Once you make a choice list, filter their profile with below questions:

  • A brief on their audience base
  • Do they know/love/use your brand?
  • Does their personality match your brand?
  • Can they create sponsored posts?
  • Would it be easy to work with them?

Compare the Numbers:

Now that you have a complete list of influencers, make a brief audit of their profile. Do they have sufficient number of subscribers? How many likes and views they usually get on their videos? Do they receive a related comment on their niche videos? How strong is their social media profile? And you will be able to conclude the right professional for your products/business.

Creating Winning Marketing Campaigns:

  • Products/Services Introduction:

This an essential part of providing the right introduction to your brand and products to them. No matter how big or small the impression of your company is, sharing your views on your products and sales goals with them makes all the difference. Moreover, they get more transparency and idea about how they want to promote your products.

  • Personalized Video Campaigns:

I was watching a video of Erica Griffin, a fellow Tech blogger, where she filmed a typical day in a life of a blogger. She traveled to New York City to attend the Samsung Unpacked Press Event for the release of Galaxy Note 7 to promote the brand. Erica is a tech nerd who creates many youtube videos related to technology gadgets, so you can call it a smart move. Plus, she received a good amount of views and likes.

This is one type of influencer video. You can generate dozens of other videos and campaigns depending on the type of products and services you have. Try to plan giveaways, they work wonders. Additionally, if they like your product on a trial base, you will surely generate a handsome ROI.

  • Ask them to Review Your Products:

You all know that customers rely on a product review before buying any product. And of course, before investing their money, they make sure that they are purchasing the right product. I see many fashion videos where beauty influencers create a video with 5-6 products of the brand and review them. Even you can find dozens of gadgets, phone, clothing, and many more product review videos.

So, creating a Product Review Video and getting a Product Review from influencers a successful tactic that befalls in this type of marketing and a good way of creating a product credibility in the market. It is that simple.

  • Leverage Social Proof:

Luxy Hair, is an eCommerce product store offering quality hair extension products. They are the perfect example of social proof done right. If you refer to their product page, they have displayed their YouTube product videos on the product page. It makes their Social Media proof stronger. According to studies by Collective Bias, 70% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they find a photo posted by another consumer. You can offer discount codes with the name of that influencer as well.

Final Thoughts?

Apart from these ideas, I am sure you can pull out other smart things to do with influencers based on your product and services. The first crucial step is choosing the right influencer. Start talking Influencer marketing strategies with them, build strong business relationships and give these campaigns to mark a noticeable revenue growth. Happy marketing!

Author Bio:

The author is Maulik Shah, the founder & CEO of Biztech: Magento Ecommerce Development Company. He also runs Biztech blog, where he shares insights from the world of CMS and other web-based technologies.

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