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Every business can benefit from embracing the most cutting-edge tech. In the restaurant business, there are lots of instances where tech can improve sales, reduce time and minimize mistakes. Below are just some of the great ways to improve your business with tech.

Optimize your website

A website can be an essential marketing tool. You can use it to display all the most important information about your restaurant such as opening times, contact details and directions. You could even offer the option of booking tables through your website so that customers don’t have to phone you up. It’s worth investing in SEO to help boost the rankings of your website. It’s worth also making sure that your restaurant location appears on Google Maps and that you’ve got positive Google reviews.

Invest in automated machinery

Embracing automated machinery can help to reduce work for your employees, speed up work and improve quality. For example, if your restaurant doesn’t specialize in coffee but you still want to offer it, consider buying an automated coffee machine (this could even be a self-service coffee machine). When it comes to cleaning dishes and glasses, consider also investing in automated pot-washing and glass-washing machines.

Invest in an inventory system

Your inventory system helps with planning purchases, forecasting next menus and revenues, and keeping track of what you’ve got at hand. This is an essential tech addition in the food and drink sector. Breweries frequently use a keg inventory system that tracks not only how much raw ingredients they have, but also how many barrels in storage for refill and order forecasts. It makes sense to use similar technology in restaurants, especially for seasonal ingredients and special orders such as event buffets.

Choose the right POS system

Your POS system helps you to take orders. This should ideally be a digital cloud-based option with restaurant POS integration features so that you can link up with other software such as payment processing tools and accounting software. Consider buying handheld devices that allow employees to digitally place orders at customers’ tables. This could help to speed up orders and reduce order mistakes.

Use kitchen display screens

Kitchen display screens help to queue up every order as it comes through on a digital screen. This is much more convenient than using notes, which can be more easily misinterpreted. Place this screen somewhere in the restaurant where the majority of your kitchen staff can see it. Such software should be integrated with your POS software.

Use the right payment technology

A good restaurant should be able to accept cash, debit and credit card. When it comes to accepting card payments, it’s worth investing in mobile card readers that can be taken to customers’ tables. These should ideally be able to take contactless payments. Many forms of payment technology are now programmable so that you can now accept extras such as charity donations or gratuity tips digitally.

Allow customers to order via an app

A very modern concept that many restaurants are now embracing is the option of being able to order from an app. This could be used for ordering takeout meals, or it could allow customers to order to their table when eating in, reducing the work for waiting staff. When creating an app, you need to make sure that it is user-friendly – it is worth using a reputable app development company. Interactive menus on websites accessed via QR codes are an alternative option that you could try (this may be cheaper than an app).

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