As a customer, when you’re torn between two different products, what’s the one thing you rely on to push you over to one or the other? Customer reviews are simply invaluable for businesses that are in incredibly competitive environments. In fact, in this day and age, every company no matter what industry, no matter what size, should be encouraging more customers to leave reviews. It's marketing firepower that never runs dry. Great reviews will add to your overall rating and thus, boost your name in search engines. Once you level out at a certain rating, it's difficult to climb down from it. But, how do you encourage more people to that have purchased from your business, to get typing and write you great reviews?

Giving them incentives

Nowadays you have to give something before you get something back. Even if your business satisfied a customer and they really like your product, more than likely you will have to give them an incentive to leave a review. It's at this point you should offer them ‘points’ that will go toward their consumer profile. If they have an account, offer them a reward of points if they leave feedback for the products they bought from you. After they collect a set number of points, they will be rewarded with a discount of perhaps a coupon which they can use at your online retail store or another business. Partner with a coffee shop so you can give your customers $5 coupons or something of that nature.

Make it simple

The last thing you need is a complex rating and review process. Make it simple and fast. Present a 1-5 star rating which activates when they hover their cursor over it. With one simple click, they can rate the product. Leave a small box underneath the star system so they can leave a few words. Set a minimum word count number so at least one full sentence is needed to post the overall rating. Don’t have the review system as a pop-up as many people will disable pop-ups on their browsers. At the same time, you don’t want to present the review system on your website itself as the chances of it being ignored are high. Instead, send this simple review system via email marketing.

Personalized content

Customers want to know if their review actually had an effect on your business. Whether it's a good or bad review, they would like to think that they have participated in helping others. Working with an seo expert you can create personalized regional content that will reach local customers. The reviews will then be seen by customers searching for a ‘near me’ business. Your review rating will be shown as well as the best reviews that were left. With this kind of local SEO investment, you will increase your visitor numbers as most people will visit the stores they searched for on Google, within 1 day.

Accept that you’re asking a little much from customers to leave a review. They have given you their money and you have given them a product. Asking for a review is an extra request, therefore give customers incentives first.

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