Your marketing strategy is absolutely key to the success of your business. Marketing is all about connecting with your customer base and advertising your product effectively. Without a fully rounded marketing approach, there is no way that you will be able to generate as many leads as you can with one. Remember, it is not always the best product that wins; it's all about marketing. That means you need to plow reasonable resources into your marketing campaigns in order to remain competitive. You need to make use of all the best marketing techniques that exist and all the relevant channels. There is so much opportunity for marketing these days, but with such an abundance of choices, you need a specific focus to get the job done effectively. Here are a few things to consider:


Your Competitors

If marketing is new to you, then maybe you should start by researching and analyzing your competitors. Look at their website and social media channels. Work out how they position themselves and what issues do they seem to be interested in? Follow them on their social media channels, so you get an idea of the frequency with which they post. When they have a new product coming up, how do they initially tell their customer? How do they advertise it? Do they create a need, then fill that need, etc.? Once you have investigated the competition, why not look at how some of the most successful companies in the world market themselves? Think of businesses like Apple, Audi, Coca-cola, McDonald's, etc.; you get the idea. You can learn an awful lot from monitoring the best in the business as well as the competition. Just look at what they do with a critical eye and make notes.

Customer Research

If you want a marketing strategy that works, then, you better know your customers. Your marketing material is going to be catered toward a specific idea, vision, or personality type, and if you get this wrong, you are not going to generate as many sales as you could. So, do your homework. Luckily there are a wide range of methods available to you to get to know your customers. Social media, for example, has given you the ability to talk directly to your customer base, ask questions, create polls, and communicate in a non-formal way to really get to know the way they think. You need to utilize this medium to your advantage. Another way to understand your customer is again to look at how your competitors work. Think about the language they use, the concepts that interest them, etc. The better you know your customer, the more focused and accurate your marketing can be. 


If you haven't given much thought to your brand, then you are making a mistake. Your brand is essential in these times. You need to create something that connects with your customers and generates an almost emotional response. To do this, you really need to understand your customers to tap into their sensibilities. Your brand needs to be in line with these things. So, your business needs a personality, with its style of language and core values, ethical considerations, etc., that talks to the desires and wants of our audience. You need to develop an entire brand narrative, with a great creation story and ultimate vision and way of doing things that help to accentuate these things. Due to the fact that branding is so important, it may be worth your while to invest in a marketing company to help you create one. Your brand will dictate your company culture, it will be the foundation of all your marketing materials, it will help you develop a way of communicating with your customer, and it will be all over your website. So, it needs to be just right. 

Your Website

Your website is key to your marketing strategy. All your marketing material will have your web address on it; digital marking will all link back to your site too. So it needs to be the best it can be. That means the home page has to be full of relevant information, with menus that are coherent and make sense. Any key point n your marketing campaign needs to be easy to see. You need a great call to action and a style that matches your brand. You will need a brand page with your brand narrative on it so the customer understands that what you say n your advertisements are part of the business model. This helps oui build trust, loyalty, and brand awareness. It also has to have all the functionality that you will need to make a sale. That means an online shop is essential, depending on your business type. If you are struggling with creating a good website that works and looks good on all devices, etc., then you may need some help. You can always use a web content management system like WordPress, which makes all this a lot easier. 

The Content

The content you use for your marketing strategy, via your website, social media posts, etc., always needs to be part of the whole. You should consider your content in all its forms a piece to a puzzle. It does not just stand-alone, but it is also a piece of a wider marketing ploy. What this means is that you cannot just choose a certain image; it has to be coherent with your brand; you can't just change the style or tone of your language it needs to be coherent with your business personality. You can't suddenly come up with a concept or value that is not set into the foundation of your business. If you do this, you will not have the kind of trust you should. You will be seen as saying anything at any time for effect. Your web content should be written with a focus on keywords too. Keywords are what your customer will type into the Google search bar, for example. Keywords are how search engines find your site. It is called search engine optimization or seo. Seo is a vital part of making your business website more discoverable, so it may be worth your while investing in seo services for businesses because the search engine is a vital source of sales generation. Most people will type in a query into the search bar, and if your content does not match these searches, you will not be found. You also need to regularly update your content and ensure keywords are added. The best way to do this is to have a blog on your website. This keeps the website fresh and your business discoverable.

Social Media

We have touched on this a little throughout this article, but social media needs its own segment. It is important to get this right as it can be extremely effective. It is also a great way to measure your marketing material via analytics and metrics and discover what marketing material works best. Different platforms are better for different age groups and demographics, so you need to do your reach to discover which site to focus on. Although it may be an idea to have a presence on them all, you can focus on one or two. When it comes to posting on social media, do not be under the illusion that more is more. This is not true. You will overload your customers doing this, and they will go blind to you. Two or three posts a day is just right. Tinka bot the times when your customer is most likely to be online and go for these times. It may also help if all your pieces tell a story within your brand narrative too. Create posts with different purposes, such as increasing your reach and getting hit on your website, and see if they work in this way using analytics software embedded. You can use social media to engage directly with your customer. If someone comments on your post, you need to reply in a timely manner and open up the discussion. Your voice is already set by your brand. You just need to uphold it at every opportunity. All your comments should look to reinforce your brand and tell the customers something new about it. 

Community Engagement

You need to engage the community online, certainly, but do not forget the local community. The local community is essential to your survival too. Remember that this is where you get your staff from, and it is where your business is located. The last thing you need is bad blood. This can damage your reputation. So you need to engage the local community. You can do this at local events, perhaps holding a stall with some freebies, i.e., marketing merchandise. Thian about how you can get kids involved. Always see local events and great photo ops too. Any picture you get can be posted online and boost the online community too. How you are seen in the local community is indicative of how you run your business. 

Honestly, engaging comes in a lot of ways, and it’s more than just “liking” content or commenting (both are still super important for algorithms, however). It’s really important to understand that engagement can come in a variety of forms such as how to create a tracking link and seeing if they’re clicking on it, to your audience actually Stitching or clicking the share button to share your content. In general, just keep in mind that engagement comes in a variety of forms.

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