It is one thing to generate leads and another to convert them. Unfortunately, it is common to see businesses spend so much on lead generation while struggling to make sales from them. And Forbes mentions a significant gap between the two. While there could be many reasons for this, following the proven tips below can boost your lead conversion rate to grow a more sustainable business. 

  1. Utilize a lead scoring system 

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Lead scoring systems are great for quantifying and scaling target requirements. For instance, a lead scoring system will assign a numeric value to every lead based on how you captured it. This could be via social media campaigns, email marketing, or online behaviors. A lead will pass for a follow-up by the sales team when it passes a specific numerical threshold. It is normal to notice a reduction in lead volume after implementing a scoring system. However, there will be an increase in your qualified leads resulting in an increased conversion rate.

  1. Nurture your leads 

You can generate leads via several platforms, including email marketing, social media campaigns, effective landing pages, and blog publishing. After the generation process, you should have a strategy in place to push them through a nurturing process to become more qualified leads. Fortunately, you can use several lead-nurturing tools for this. For instance, tools like WhatConverts can help capture leads and filter those likely to convert. Your team can use the segmented list to tailor your content, increasing the chances of conversion. 

  1. Prioritize quality over quantity 

Your marketing team needs to set high-quality lead standards if they find it challenging to produce good ROI. They can do this by prioritizing quality leads instead of quantity. This is where you need your marketing and sales teams to collaborate and share ideas for lead qualifications and spell out a framework for customers’ buying journeys. It can be useful to define the actions and parameters to identify a sales-ready lead or determine who should be accountable for the quality assurance procedure. 

  1. Capture the right lead data 

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Capturing the right lead demographic or contact information can be tricky. However, you can review your entry points, including landing pages, web forms, gated downloads, forms, and so on, to learn whether you receive the right data. Not sounding too demanding or aggressive in your approach is important since customers and prospects may have privacy concerns. Despite this, it is essential to find ways to access the right information since it can be tough to find a prospect without it. Most web forms have at least three fields; the first two, name and email, are non-negotiable. So select your questions more carefully since you may not get more than five fields for information in most web forms. 

Ultimately, how much time and money you are willing to spend on technology and training people can impact your conversion rate. How easily you adapt to the market demands and the tips mentioned above can help boost your conversions.

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