I'm Going to start College soon i made this choice cause you only live life once. I want to prove a point too that i know a lot about Computers,Graphics,Advertisement & Promotion. Recently i talked to my Grandparent's about me going to college they told me it will pay off in the long run that piece of paper will get u a successful life as i should know but one thing stood out is that my Gradpa rasied 3 kids whent to school full time also full time job & still put food on the table for his family. He told me that main reason he did it was for his kids he wanted them to follow in the footsteps as he did & all 3 have. All i want to see is my family in the near future if i do find the right girl i want them to have a great life. So im enrolled into college now going to get my Masters Degree in ComputerScience wish me the best of luck. Oh and one question? for you to answer. Are you going to college?

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