It’s important to reward your employees and show appreciation for their efforts. It’s been another tough year and giving your employees a little something extra to thank them for their hard work.

Employee rewards help boost morale and help your employees stay motivated. Ending the year on a great note can show your employees that you care, helping them stay loyal and ready to start the new year on a positive note. 

Give an extra-special thank you to your employees this year with some of the following ideas for employee rewards.

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Help them out with the holidays

The pandemic has had a significant impact on families. Some have lost their jobs, lost loved ones, and more. Being able to help make the holidays a little easier for your employees can be a gesture that they’ll really appreciate.

Gift cards are a great reward for employees that they can spend as they wish, which can help with planning Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. Buying hams for employees around the holidays is a thoughtful gift that can make a difference. The holidays can be hard for a lot of people, but going that extra mile could make this year a little better for your employees.

Go all out with your office party

There are a lot of great reasons to go all out with your office party this year. Many teams will have become dispersed due to remote working, so getting everyone together can really help lift spirits. It’s also a great way to say thank you after another year of hard work, helping everyone let off steam and get dressed up for the night. Your employees deserve an evening of fun to thank them for their hard work. 

Give them some time off

One of the most generous rewards you can give your employees is some time off. There are a lot of companies that have been giving employees time off to help morale and mental health. Some extra time off at this time of year could be very gratefully received, helping employees spend quality time with their loved ones. After working through this challenging time, a break could be just what they need to feel refreshed and recharged. 

If providing some extra time off proves successful for giving your teams a boost, it could be something worth considering every year as a welcome benefit for your employees. 

Pay for a subscription service

Subscription services make an excellent gift, so why not treat your employees to some well-known subscriptions to end the year? They’re the type of gift that is always welcome, especially if you can roll it on for the entire year. You’ll find a lot of great ideas for cool subscriptions gifts that keep on giving. From Spotify to Netflix or even a food-based subscription, you’ll be sure to find the perfect selection for your teams.

Provide wellbeing treats

If you want to help boost employee wellbeing, then consider gifting some treats that will help them feel great. Wellbeing treats can include ideas such as spa coupons, discounted gym memberships, gift cards to do something special, or even some wellbeing events at work. Rewards that center on wellbeing can help employees feel relaxed and reduce stress – something that many will be in need of after a difficult year.

Providing a wellbeing-based reward can help your employees enjoy a bit of self-care and something that will boost their spirits. But remember that employee wellbeing should be a priority year-round, making sure that their health is always put first. From healthy eating at work initiatives to office-based fitness classes, there’s a lot you can do to help your employees stay fit and well

Create the perfect care package 

Care packages and hampers are another thoughtful treat to show employees that you care. Food-based care packages could include tasty treats from local vendors, or you could include some luxury goods too. Including a personally addressed note to thank individuals for their efforts can make another thoughtful touch that will show your appreciation and make your teams see that their contributions matter. 

By finding special ways to reward your employees, you can show them how much your business values and appreciates them. These rewards may have a monetary value, but they mean much more than that. While incentives are one way to help your employees perform their best, they can also be a sign of a respectful and caring workplace. Go the extra mile to reward your employees this year to thank them for all of their incredible work. 

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