RockMelt is destined to change the way people surf the Internet. The new browser is built on the Chromium platform and integrates web browsing with social media sites. It?s the perfect solution for people who live on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Access to an early version of RockMelt is currently being offered ? just sign up for early access at and you?ll receive an invitation.

RockMelt was founded by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria. The company is backed by the likes of Mac Andreessen, founder of Netscape Communications Corporation and co-author of Mosaic; Angel Investors founder, Ron Conway; Intuit Chairman of the Board, Bill Campbell; founder, Josh Kopelman; and VMware founder, Diane Green. The free browser, based on Chromium, is the open source project behind Google?s Chrome browser.

The new browser is fully interactive and built around friends, feeds and search results. It works on Mac systems using 10.5 or newer, and PCs running Windows XP or newer. You can access your personal browsing experience from anywhere you happen to be. When operated in its incognito mode, no personal information is stored, just the sites you frequent.

The friends portion of the RockMelt browser is located on the left and allows users to search, share with friends, find news, view videos and chat, all from a single browser window. There?s no need to switch back and forth between different pages. Users need a Facebook account to access all the features. The browser shows users which friends are online, their recent posts and updates, as well as profile photos. You can instantly share and publish on Facebook and Twitter. It also acts as an IM client using Facebook chat.

News feeds and your favorite websites are on the right and works similar to a bookmark bar. RockMelt watches your favorite websites and content, then automatically notifies you when new information, updates and content are added. When you click on a site icon, the page pops up in the main, underlying browser window. There?s also a share button for every feed.

Searches are significantly quicker and they?re viewed differently. Searching is as simple as leafing through a magazine. Using your keyboard, you can flip through Google search results and choose the one you want without opening new windows.

People browse and surf the Internet differently than they did even two short years ago. RockMelt was developed to more accurately reflect the way people surf and communicate today, placing everything in one browser window for conveience and ease of use.

For more information or to test an early version of RockMelt, visit the website at

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