Can you imagine investing in a marketing strategy and realizing that it just doesn't work? You would not be the only person in the business world to get to that point, and it does happen a lot! You want to try and avoid this, but it is possible that you are going to invest in a marketing plan that will eventually suck.

Most marketers understand that you need to keep a close eye on your strategy and watch it, but it will help you to know what signs to look for. Whether you are looking at your traffic and noticing things aren't going well, or you’re not posting enough on social media, you’re going to have a lot to learn! You need to make changes and so here are four signs your current marketing strategy just isn't working for you.

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  • You’re Not Getting A Lot Of Comments

Engagement is so important, and if you’re not getting a high number of comments, likes or shares on your social media posts, it should raise a big red flag for you. You may have worried about how much traffic you were getting, but not know that it’s down to conversion rate optimization instead – like we said, a lot to learn. You need engagement on your website comment section as much as you do on your social media pages, and if you’re not online and getting those posts up, you’re going to have a problem.

  • You’re Not Increasing Your Conversions

It’s a clear sign for a business marketing strategy that things are going sour when there are fewer conversions than ever. If you’re not generating the right leads and making sales, you’re not making a profit. So, what is it about your website that is turning people off instead of on? You want people to invest in you, so check with your IT team about why your website isn’t doing it for the customers.

  • The Wrong Audience

Are you focusing your marketing efforts in the wrong places? There’s every chance that this is the case for your marketing strategy and the potential problem is that your engagement and traffic is all coming in from the wrong people. So, if your numbers are up but your conversions are not, then it’s important you check whether you have the right people even looking at your site. Create content that attracts the right people, and you’re on your way!

  • You’re Spending Too Much

You should be seeing results from the money you’re spending on marketing, and if you’re spending  tons of your budget but not seeing anything come back, you need to reevaluate everything. You should have a clear strategy with your marketing budget so that you don't increase your spends with zero result from the first spend.

If any of these signs are true for your business, then it is time to look at your marketing strategy and redo it all. You want it all to come right for your business and that means paying close attention to your marketing strategy. Start now!

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