If you have spent so much time creating content, you will know how sad it feels when you don’t get as much engagement as you expected. Businesses are spending so much money on creative content so they can become a news source for their customers. Their blogs aren’t just to update consumers on new features, patch fixes, bugs and glitches in software, but also to promote their ethos. Content can be educational and for businesses that’s exactly what it should be. Brand news shows customers what you’re up to, who you’re talking with, what about and what they can expect in the future. But surely nobody wants to sit down and read your content do they? You’d be surprised how key marketing strategies can make customers want to read your news.

You’ve got mail

One of the best ways to keep customers informed is via email. This trusty old but gold method allows you to share content across a wide spectrum of customers. Newsletters are a short and sweet way to inform your customers on what you’re doing, tell them how to access new features and generally keep them up to date with what’s going on. Samsung do this by sending out email newsletters to their customers, showing them new releases of products, what the latest software update included and more. The engagement level will slowly rise when you start using email marketing to help with SEO. If you archive your newsletters, they can be changed in future to include current popular keywords and keyphrases. Thus your template and text is ready to be filled using the best consumer trends of that particular month or week.

Among the professionals

Sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn is an excellent idea. Your business is exposed to industry minds, so many experts can take a gander at what your business is exactly doing. You also get to speak with industry lingo, using jargon that professionals will appreciate. Thankfully, you blogs might also get shared, liked and commented on by such people. Among the professionals, your business will be talked about and this gives your brand news more leverage in expert discussions. You never know you might also meet other industry professionals or business owners that would like to collaborate with you. Getting interviewed or quoted by journalists is also something you should be aiming for when sharing on LinkedIn.

Offer your link

Working with SEO and marketing companies, you can offer your links to spread the word faster. SEO companies will use your link and smartly put it into an article that can be varied in tone. If you want an article that examines industry changes and examines the future, you can demand so. Putting your off-site link in this kind of article will project an image of your business being cutting edge and in the running to be seen as one of the more futuristic companies.

Engaging with customers with brand news allows your content to be viewed as an educational source. You can not just change minds but inform them, so your customers understand you better.

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