Email List Building For AffiliatesBuilding up a list of contacts for an affiliate marketer is a vital way to understand who their customers are, stay in touch with them, and encourage them to come back to the affiliate website in future. Email list building can help to swell visitor numbers to the site, and hopefully increase income through sales. But how do you go about building a successful email list if you're an affiliate marketer? Read on for some tips.

Capture details

If you want to capture name and email addresses of people interested in your website or products, then you need to provide a facility for people to leave them. You'll need to create a squeeze page, or landing page, where people can leave their details to opt-in to subscribe to your site. This page should be clear, easy-to-find and user-friendly to gain the best results.

Make an attractive offer

If you want to build a successful email list, then you'll need to give people some sort of incentive to subscribe. A lot of people are a bit sceptical about subscribing to websites, because they believe they will be targeted for spam. What you need to do is help dispel this myth, by offering a genuine reason to tempt them to join up. This could be achieved by a number of ways, and may include offering a free gift, promotion or competition.

Content is key

As an affiliate marketer, if you want to achieve success in email list building, then a good strategy is to provide good quality content. If your content is top-notch, your subscribers will want to keep visiting your site. You could email your list subscribers every time you add something of interest to your site, or add a newsletter with informative tips and ideas, or what's new. However, if the quality of your content isn't up to scratch, then your subscribers won't feel that motivated to check it out, so you really do need to put content at a high priority if you want to build a growing email list.

Use your list

Many people capture names and email addresses to build a list and then don't do anything with it. The key to successful email list building is to treat it as an on-going project. The longer you don't do anything with the list, the sooner it will go out of date, and your subscribers will move on and forget you even existed. Keep on top of the list, keep it up to date and nurture it so it grows and stays current.

Make use of forums

Online forums and blogs are a good resource for capturing people in your niche market, so make the most of using them. When you make a post in the forum or blog, include a link in your signature, which will direct people to your squeeze page, when clicked upon. The more times you post, the greater the likelihood that someone will click on your link and sign up to your site. However, make sure that what you have to say in the forum is useful, interesting, relevant and informative.

Build a community

Building a community of people sharing common interests who visit your website will make it easier for you to encourage them to subscribe to your newsletters or mail outs, thus making your emailing list even bigger.

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