There are numerous ways a company can market today. However, there are effective and non-effective ways of marketing. There are new rules for marketing each year. business must follow these new rules. For 2018 there are many new rules and regulations for marketing that business must follow.

This article will discuss eight new ways for digital marketing that business should follow in 2018. These eight new ways to the digital market in 2018 include artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising, chatbots, personalization, video, influence marketing, social messaging apps, and visual search. Each of these will be examined in more detail below.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence was once looked at as something out of a science fiction movie, not as something a company would use in their advertising campaigns. However, the use of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular. With artificial intelligence, a company can better predict what a consumer wants.

By this, we mean that the artificial intelligence software will analyze customer behaviours on many levels. These behaviours could be to analyze the number of time that a company is being talked about on social media. It could also be to analyze what is being said on social media and what the client wants.

Programmatic advertising

Artificial intelligence plays a role in the use of programmatic advertising. Artificial intelligence buys up ad spots. The AI will be better able to identify the audience when buying up the ads. This way the ad campaign has a greater chance of success.

There are studies that show the use of programmatic advertising will be on the rise over the next few years. Research is showing that those marketers who use programmatic advertising in 2018 are more likely to have campaigns that are successful than those who do not use the technology.


Chatbots are becoming popular with consumers as well as business. There are studies that show the chatbot is quick to respond to the customer and does not ever get the response wrong. This is a crowd pleaser for many clients.

Consumers like the idea of talking to a chatbot to solve their issue. Many sites have employed the use of chatbots. The year for increasing the use of chatbots would be this year. Companies who use chatbots on their sites are more likely than not to gain and retain customers. Is that not what marketing efforts are a matter of?


Personalization is the use of getting personal with the clients marketing emails. This can be done with the addressing of the email to the client. Also, if you show the client recommendations based on what they have purchased on your site, they will feel like you know them personally.

This is the idea of personalization. There will be clients who feel more important when you address them by name as opposed to sending out a bulk email that is generic. Clients will feel as though you care about them. This is important in order to 2018. Recently, consumers have not been wanting to feel lost, they want to feel indispensable. An established SEO agency can guide you here in providing the latest Google algorithms and how to work on it. Take help of them and create a remarkable experience for your customers.


This is using video to advertise instead of a blog or article. Videos are becoming the thing of today. Where you can say the same thing in a video that you can say in a blog or article. However, you say it much faster within thirty seconds and customers are more likely to frequent your site.

Video marketing might not have gotten much attention in 2017. But, it is getting attention for 2018. Studies are showing that customers have a very low attention span. They no longer wish to spend thirty minutes reading an article. They always want to spend thirty seconds and get the same information.

Influencer marketing

This is a form of marketing that will take someone who is a celebrity, or someone who is well known on Instagram or Twitter and use them to advertise the product to you. For instance, you can sell watches. You will want someone to advertise that has many followers.

If you advertise with someone who has many followers to consumers are likely to listen. They will listen because they trust the opinions they read online about products and services. Therefore, to use and influence to market for you is a smart idea in 2018.

Social messaging apps

These are apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. There are countless people who only communicate through these apps. So, companies that communicate with clients via the Whatsapp and Facebook messenger are more likely than not to have happy customers. Delighted customers are those customers who tell their friends and family about your business and the experience they had with your business. Their friends and family are likely to become your next clients. Also, a happy customer is a customer who is more likely to return to your site than someone who had a bad experience.

Visual search

Getting on the bandwagon for this one is becoming challenging. This is ensuring that you have pictures of your products and your service on your website. Visual search customers will input a photo to the search engine. The search engine will show results of similar images and also facts about an item.

This is facts about the item that might be reviews of the item. So, if you are selling a product or service you will want to have positive reviews of your service. Otherwise, back to the client believing what is read about a company, you will get negative publicity.

In conclusion, this article discussed the eight forms of digital marketing that cannot be ignored for 2018. These are areas of marketing that are becoming popular this year and will be growing in popularity in the next few years. Within five years, all these forms of digital marketing will be used by everyone who does business on the internet. This will be almost everyone who does business. After all, most people purchase things on the internet now and are at risk of in the future as well.

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