Want to know how businesses are killing it online in 2018? Here are the secrets of successful digital marketing strategies employed by top businesses.

Content marketing rules the web

Using content to drive traffic and increase sales is a top marketing technique employed by businesses. People go to the Internet most often to research. Searching for ratings, local places, information, and help learning to do something.

By regularly creating useful content, you?ll position your business to be the answer to their query.

Content marketing increases your website authority on the search engines. It will also build your brand, giving visitors to your site a reason to stay longer and increasing the chances of a sale.

Customers are weary of ads. 71% of consumers claimed they were turned off by content that sounded like a sales pitch. They want useful and entertaining content.

Offering that useful content will not only help your SEO, it will build trust in your audience by making you a thought leader.

Content marketing will also give your brand a persona, another crucial element in a world ruled by social media and selfies. Letting your audience get to know your business on a more intimate level will help build trust and ultimately drive more sales.

The biggest hurdle to most businesses considering a content marketing strategy is the time required to create content. Content marketing can be time-consuming, but there are content marketing secrets used by marketers that you can try to save time.

Consider adding content to your marketing strategy and get more from your digital marketing efforts.

Make offline and online marketing work together.

The lines between the virtual and the physical worlds are blending more every year. While we may all live in the physical world, consumers are spending more and more time in the virtual world.

It is crucial for businesses to connect their online and offline marketing in creative ways to make a seamless transition for consumers.

For the first time in 2018, time spent online is surpassing all other media types. People spend more time on the internet than they do watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading print.

No big surprise there. But it may surprise you that many businesses are still failing to maximize their online efforts.

What are some ways to blend these types of media?

Use hashtags in offline marketing to bring a campaign to the digital world.

Extra Gum is a great example of using a hashtag campaign to combine their online and offline marketing in a creative way that focuses on the consumer. In their TV and printed on their product is the message ?we?re looking for life?s little moments? with the hashtag #giveextragetextra for people to share their moments on social media.

This will create some excellent user generated content, as well as helping to remind consumers of the gum during everyday life moments.

Create a cohesive brand.

When you?re building your website and logo, make sure it uses your businesses branding. Print and digital experiences should be seamless for users.

Combine online and offline shopping.

Brick and mortal sales and online sales are becoming more blended. Successful businesses adopt the attitude of ?we don?t care where you buy? and create a cohesive marketing effort to reflect that.

For example, if you have a physical store front, make it easy for shoppers to look up reviews about your products on your website.? 82% of users research online while in the store. You can include a scan code to make it easy for shoppers, and even have a coupon appear for the shoppers that are in the store researching that item.

Nordstroms has a great way of using the Internet to increase in-store sales, as you can see in the example below.

Use Marketing Automation

From email autoresponders to automatic segmenting of an audience in your CRM, there are many ways marketing automation will make your life easier and your marketing more effective.

Decide what tasks are most tedious and choose the software that will help ease the burden for your sales and marketing teams. This is especially important for small businesses where the owner or manager IS the sales and marketing team.

Marketing automation software ranges from simple social media account management like Hootsuite to more advanced business management systems. Below is an example of a marketing automation system for network marketing businesses, which includes a complete CRM with integrated emails and autoresponders, calendar, reports, and audience segmentation.

These digital marketing secrets are what successful businesses are doing in 2018. Isn?t it time you started crushing it online? Start improving your digital strategy today by:

  1. Improving your content marketing.
  2. Blending online and offline marketing efforts.
  3. Using marketing automation.

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