Long gone are the days when office workers had to carry around projects, presentations and documents in hard copy, to each meeting they attended. The Modern workplace should be lighter and more minimal than the office of the 80s. Developments in technology have helped to remove clutter from our work spaces and free us from the infinite paper-trail of the past. Whether it is how work is done or the way we communicate, tech is an ever-prevalent benefit for the modern worker. That is, assuming you know how to best implement the technology in a functional way. If you are struggling to create a tech-friendly office space and need some pointers, read on.

Speed up

First and foremost, office managers must ensure that all the computers are operating at optimal speed. There are few things less frustrating than a slow computer, especially if you have a deadline to meet. If your computer is lagging, check to see how much RAM is available. Before you bin an underperforming machine, consider the addition of more RAM. Companies such as Offtek sell RAM for a multitude of devices, it might be the solution to your computer crisis. Replacing one or two computers might be feasible, but when thinking about upgrading the whole office updating your existing hardware can often be the best option.

Don?t stick to office devices

Allowing employees to work from their own laptops, tablets, and smartphones is recommended. Not only do people feel as though they have more freedom and flexibility, often they are going to feel more comfortable working from devices they?re familiar with rather than office-based equipment. To ensure that this kind of policy works for your business put a system of checks and balances in place to ensure that any work or data set is secure if accessed from another device. While bringing in other devices can promote freedom and save money, it must be done in the right manner. ???

Operate in the cloud

While sending documents via email is still a viable option, cloud based technology is fast becoming the easiest way to share files. File sharing of this kind allows for easy distribution of tasks and nurtures collaboration between colleagues and clients. Making a simple edit to a piece of work now takes significantly less time. Using the Cloud is a fast way to promote engagement from staff and manage your files. If you have not updated your operations to include the cloud yet, do it now.

Utilize streamlined software

Thanks to the rise of modern technology, there are many pieces of software that can be used to streamline tasks in the workplace. In terms of conversing between employees, there are various real-time communication tools such as HipChat, that allows everyone to stay connected at the same time. This obviously helps with being able to discuss work-related topics immediately, and also means that meetings can become a thing of the past.

There also many other pieces of software that your business can take advantage of to improve efficiency. For example, programs like Trello assist in keeping track of all tasks that need to be completed, while there are various accountant-related software packages that make crunching those numbers so much easier.

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