Deluxe web design is the best way for a small or medium sized company to make a mark online. The large target market can be easily tapped using unique responsive designs that retain attention. These designs have many benefits for businesses and users. Here we discuss the benefits of deluxe responsive designs:

1- Increased Mobile Traffic

More consumers are shopping online. From needles to cars they are buying whatever they need online. This is due to the savings online shopping offers. Besides being more convenient, it offers an easy way to price shop. With deluxe responsive websites, your goods and services can be easily viewed on all size devices. Users will never come across distorted tables or images and will have a good experience with your brand.

2-Quick Development at A Lot Less

Business owners prefer to spend less money on marketing and therefore opt for responsive web designs. This helps them save money for other things. Cost of development is also low as compared to creating two or three versions of a website to fit various screen sizes. Maintaining two separate websites can also be expensive. So, it is best to go with just one. The latest technologies are more preferable, and businesses need to stay with the latest trends and give up the obsolete ways.

3-Decreased Cost of Maintenance

With a single website to look after, business owners have to pay less for website maintenance. The layout will be optimized by web designers and developers who use modern testing methods to ensure you get a high-quality layout. You will be paying fewer labor dollars if you opt for responsive web designs. You will not need two content strategies or two teams to handle the two separate versions. With less time to spend on website maintenance owners can focus on more important aspects of running the online business such as social media marketing or press releases.

4-Less Load Time

If your website takes a long time to load, get it revamped altogether. Get a responsive design developed as it will load faster on both mobile phones and on the desktop. A mobile user gets frustrated if the web pages take longer than a few seconds to load. If you have two separate versions to a website, it is very likely that the web page is not optimized for cell phones or tablets. Instead of losing visitors, get a responsive design so the site loads fast and the guest can see what you have on offer. Designers will use the caching and responsive image display techniques to ensure your website loads fast. This will ensure you do not have any missed business opportunities.

5- Decrease the Bounce Rate

When a guest stays at your website for longer, your bounce rate will be low. A responsive website is easy to load and is easy to navigate. Visitors are able to stay at such sites for longer. With better site engagement your guest can come closer to your goods and services. This will help them come to a buying decision.

6- Conversion Rates Will Improve

Deluxe responsive sites enhance user experience. When guests will have a good experience with your brand they are likely to return back and make purchases. If you have a newsletter subscription form they are more likely to fill it out at a site that is easy for them to use. They will take all the actions on the website you want them to. A single secure professional looking website will bring in better conversions.

7- Easier Monitoring

Users go through various redirects, conversion paths, and funnels. With multiple versions of a website, it is difficult to monitor their movement. If you have a single website, you can use Google analytics to learn what percentage of the total traffic is coming from mobile phones or desktops or tablets. This way it is easy for you to learn how your website is performing on various devices.

8- Users Get A Positive Experience

Your website is your brand ambassador. When all looks good at first glance your impression will be good. This will help build a level of faith in guests and they are likely to trust the brand over others. When users have to zoom and pinch they are sure to never return.

9- Get Better Rankings

Google prefers responsive designs and likes a website that is optimized for mobile phones. Mobile friendly websites can have better rankings as compared to other sites. The load time is quick, and they have better bounce rates. With high-quality content and good backlinks, it is easy for any such website to improve their rankings. There will also be no issue of duplicate content as is the case with having separate websites for desktop and mobiles. This affects rankings in a negative way.

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