There are times when you feel that you can conquer the world. Your business is growing, your clientele is coming to you and you’re ready for more. But that’s precisely the point you realize that you might not be quite as prepared for growth as you might think.

When things are ticking along at a steady pace there seems little point worrying that you might not be able to cope; you’re on top of things and it’s all working out just fine for you. When things are that good, that’s when you need to take a look at this blog and get ready for growth.

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Whether you sell physical goods or services, you know that your website is the first place your customer base is going to head to and it’s those crucial first seconds on landing on your page that makes all the difference. If you’ve used a professional service such as Parxavenue Web Design Services you’ll have nailed that landing page and seen your hit rate zooming. Now it’s time to take a look behind the scenes, in the engine room of your site.

Pretty looks aren’t enough and your site must reflect a capacity for growth. Your site must be able to accommodate in increase in visits. Pages need to load quickly and properly and not just on laptops, if you’re experiencing issues with your mobile site, get it fixed as a priority.

If you have a checkout facility on your site it needs to be vigorously tested. Your customer confidence relies on a safe, secure and quick checkout. Any customer left hanging, unable to determine if their sale went through is a customer who will not return to your site again. Safety is a huge concern when it comes to checking out and paying for services or goods.

If you do have physical goods to sell, how will you go about fulfilling an increased demand? Do you have enough storage space or capacity to create/order more of the materials you need? It might be the right time to look at increasing your warehouse and office space in line with an increase in productivity.

Then there’s you. If you’re already at capacity, might you need to consider taking on extra staff? It’s a real sign of progress when you up your game from a one-person show to becoming a team player. If you haven’t had any experience of either recruiting or becoming an employer there are some useful courses you can take to get you up to scratch.

It’s no small thing to up your game when it comes to taking on staff and if you need to, hire the services of a recruitment company to talk you through the process and help you find your best hires.

Becoming an Employer

When you’re expanding your team, you’re going to need to think very precisely about the roles you need fulfilled. You’ll need to think about the exact work you’ll need your new recruits to take on and start this process by creating a job description. If the work seems to spill over into different jobs then you may even need to consider creating more than one role. Alongside your job description and this is equally as important. In this document you’re thinking about all the personal and professional qualities you’re looking for in a team member. You’re going to be working closely together so it’s vital to get this right and avoid making a hiring mistake that costs you personally as well as professionally.

Get the team right and your business is going to see more and more success, growth and hopefully profit. Consider your team to be your best and most valuable asset so take your time to get it right.

Growth in business is something you crave and perhaps something you fear slightly. It’s exciting while also being a little daunting but it’s also the sign of a healthy and successful business.

Start by getting the basics right and that means getting your website into a place where it can cope with sudden growth. Crashing websites are a thing of the past and no one has time to deal with a site that won’t load properly, whether on their laptop, phone or tablet. The design is one thing but its functionality is equally as important when it comes to making a great impression.

Then it’s down to you. Are you ready, are you prepared for growth, prepared to succeed, to up your team and possibly your own workload? Dare to dream of growth then go ahead and make that happen.

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