In short, yes. Everyone should be using a VPN.

As more internet snoops seek to harvest and control data, many believe a VPN will soon be as essential as the internet itself. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects you by routing all of your internet data through a secure network, making it impossible for others to record your activity. ExpressVPN goes even further, by using 256 bit key encryption as standard. This essentially means there is not enough computing power on the planet to hack it.

ExpressVPN has a host of benefits, not least the pure speed at which it operates. Indeed, there are no caps at all on speed or bandwidth, making it a market leader in functionality. There is also a staggering 99.9% uptime, with servers in over 78 different countries.

The Service You?ve been Waiting for

Modern operating systems demand a robust internet connection. ExpressVPN is a provider that lets you run things your own way. Businesses increasingly need more control over their digital output, as governments and organisations increasingly seek to wrestle that control back.

A trustworthy VPN provider is essential If you are transmitting, or even looking at, data sensitive materials online. Not only will it keep your connection private, but it will also keep no record of anything you do.

When your computer network is connected to the internet, a lot of what you do can be tracked and recorded. Operating Systems have long offered a great deal of control over your offline content, now ExpressVPN grants you the same control over your online activity.

Would you let your competitors go through your laptop?

Everything on the internet can be copied and abused. So it?s comforting to know ExpressVPN treats your privacy as a priority. If a government or competitor tries to gain access to your internet data, they will be wasting their time and effort. This is truly liberating, as it takes any privacy concerns away. Indeed, there is literally nothing to worry about, as ExpressVPN keep no logs of your browsing activity. Spend your time doing what?s best for you and your business, without worrying about who else isn?t.

Social Media for Business

Social Media has become the de facto way for businesses to reach their consumers. It's cheap, easy and accessible to everyone. A Facebook like can greatly expose your business to larger markets. But many countries have limitations in place that could interfere with your business interaction and promotion. Some countries block it entirely, making a VPN connection as essential as the computer it runs on. But it's not just the usual suspects. Any government could decide that Facebook is illegal, then censor it. Unlikely? Look at the list of countries that this has happened in.

The Facebook Like button is awash over many 3rd party sites, not just their own. As is the Twitter share button. This is how people communicate today. They are essential tools when promoting business. Having no access to them would be extremely detrimental. ExpressVPN will ensure you are always able to reach your customers.

ExpressVPN offer a fast, affordable, and reliable internet solution. An essential and trustworthy solution for any privacy concerns.

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