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The Clickbooth platform is recognized as one of the leaders in affiliate marketing, providing increased revenue and access to thousands of top advertisers. Advertisers place ads on carefully screened websites and the advertisements rotate to match relevant content for the website?s audience, resulting in more sales

Clickbooth is a performance-based online marketing company, offering CPA and CPC solutions. Their CPC network for advertisers provides a cost effective means of advertising on sites that have been carefully screened to prevent click fraud and protect brands. It?s a low-cost solution for advertisers, as they only pay for the targeted channels they choose. It?s a way to promote products and services, and gain feedback on targeted viewers through a range of networks.

Advertisers have complete control over their campaigns and select the channels on which their ads are displayed. Ads can be optimized in any way they choose. Advertisers are provided with real time reporting to track results, and ads can be targeted by context, demographics and geographic locations. Clickbooth CPC can be used with large and small niche markets, and images can be added to text ads.

Advertisers can also choose to utilize Clickbooth?s CPA model for cost effective advertising. Their CPA model provides a one-stop solution for affiliate marketing. The CPA model generates traffic through a comprehensive inventory of exclusive affiliates. Traffic is targeted to the advertiser?s site and unique users. Advertisers don?t pay for any marketing unless a sale is made.

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CPA offers opportunities for affiliate marketers to generate significant revenues. Marketers have access to millions of ads from top advertisers. Payouts are competitive, generous and guaranteed to be the highest. Payouts are also available for referrals. Marketers have access to premium advertisers comprised of Fortune 500 companies. Marketers earn each time there?s a click on a paid ad. Dedicated account managers are available 24/7.

Marketers can also choose to utilize Clickbooth?s CPC model that matches advertisers to site visitors and content. Marketers have access to a continuously expanding ad inventory for increased web traffic and earnings.

Clickbooth?s CPC model provides marketers with highly targeted ads, premium advertisers and superior semantic technology. Marketers are paid when visitors click on a paid ad. Advertising is targeted to marketer?s websites and visitors, and they can filter or block ads if they desire. Real time reporting is offered and ads are available for inclusion as plain text or with images. Websites can be monetized with just one click.

Clickbooth matches marketers and advertisers to their mutual benefit. Advertisers have access to top sites, while providing marketers with the ability to leverage premium advertisers. The platform is mutually advantageous to all parties involved, and it?s easy for advertisers and marketers to compare products to discover which will best fit their needs.

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