BrandingBranding is an important part of differentiating your business from all the rest, and delivering your message in an impactful way. However, defining your brand personality and voice can be a tricky task. There are many pitfalls ahead, and it's hard to know where to start, particularly if you have no one on your management team from a branding or marketing background. So the big question for today is – how do you develop that all-important brand personality? I?ve put together some clever-yet-simple ideas for you to try. Read on to find out more.

When you are just getting started, you won?t have the time – or money – to go through a long and drawn out branding process. In fact, depending on the industry you serve and the stage your business is at, there may be little point in trying to create a brand from scratch. However, one thing you have to get in place is your elevator pitch. It?s a simple one-liner – that can be fiendishly difficult to define – that explains who you are, and what you do in language that your audience understands. It?s the answer you give people when they ask you what you do, and it needs to be short, snappy, and memorable. It?s also the first step towards defining your brand personality – so spend time on it and get it right.

The DIY method

Low on budget and can?t afford to spend much on branding? Then why not take the DIY approach? Grab a notepad and pen, and write down what it is your company does. Think about why you started the business, and how it fulfills the needs of your customers. In fact, who are your customers, and why do they choose you instead of the competition? You also need to look at your rivals, or other companies you admire – what is it about their brand personality that you like? How do you feel when you visit their website or store, and how would you like your customers to feel when they visit you? Finally, how would you describe your brand if it was a person?

Hire a professional

Companies & Sub CompaniesBranding exercises aren?t for everyone – and there?s a good reason why large corporate businesses spend a significant amount of money on hiring experts to do the process for them. If your budget allows for it, it?s always a good idea to bring in expertise, whether in the form of a marketing agency or freelance branding specialist. When you run a business, it?s easy to get locked into a specific way of thinking – you can?t see the wood for the tree. Fresh pairs of eyes can often tell you a lot more about your business – and how other people (your audience) see it.

Utilize your audience

If you are struggling to work out who you are, why not ask your customers? They are the people that buy your product, after all. You can find a lot of information from product reviews, complaints, letters of praise, and other correspondence. Not only will your customers help you find your voice, but they can also be your voice. Take social media, as an example. If you encourage your followers to post pictures of themselves using your product, other people will see exactly who your audience is – people will be doing your branding for you.

Any more tips to add? Let us know about them in the comments section below!

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