For a business that is just starting out or one still in its infant stage, good web design is very paramount to foster its growth and expansion. This is because every business in the world is going digital. Customers would rather be able to interact with producers while in their comfort zone. This means that almost every activity can be done on the internet, hence, the need for a website. It is necessary for every organization not to only have a website but also good web design. Having a good web design makes a business look more credible. This is a very sensitive aspect because customers would most times come in contact with your business online before finding their way to your office.

A competitor who has a better web design but does not necessarily render better services than you do has a higher chance of attracting more customers because the first point of contact a customer has with an organization is very important.

Another point to have at the back of the mind is that the site must be user-friendly. Can the site be easily accessed by old people or those not too good with computer or mobile device? This is a very important question . The site must not be too ambiguous or difficult to comprehend.

Listed below are some other characteristics of good web design;


Good web design must be easy for the visitor to use regardless of his point of access (a computer, laptop or mobile device). The user must be able to have access to relevant information needed from the site.


A good web design should be made out of one of the latest or modern designs in order to be able to keep up with competing organizations. A site with a design that looks old would be ignored in place of one with better and modern design regardless of the quality of the service they render.

Load Time

Visitors tend to leave a site for another if it takes over 3 seconds to load. A good web design alone is not enough to attract visitors. Short loading time can be very useful to buffer a good web design. Click here for more info


Good web design must have a good Color mix. Odd color combinations can make a web design ugly and unattractive. This can put off the visitor before even checking out the content of the site

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