Dragon Blogger is not just a technology blog but has many social media properties including a YouTube Channel as well as you can find them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch.tv, Soundcloud and more. Just search for dragonblogger in Google and the many sites will come up. Dragon Blogger has many writers and reviewers contributing to the site now and is always on the lookout for more streamers, gamers and people who want to contribute content and get free stuff to review.

Besides the giveaways and gaming related content, you can find the latest gadget reviews also on Dragon Blogger Technology and these can be anything from Bluetooth Earbuds, to the latest Mobile Tech, Car Tech, Video Cards, Speakers and more. A growing number of brands are partnering with Dragon Blogger which is expanding the amount and type of products that get reviewed all the time.

Dragon Blogger not only hosts the latest tech news and features video game content and streams, but you can also find tech giveaways over at Dragon Blogger Technology as they often giveaway a product that they get to review or partner with sponsors for larger giveaways. Over the years people have won Kindle Fire Tablets, Laptops, PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as tons of headsets and Bluetooth accessories.

Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment does more than just product reviews on their YouTube Channel which is youtube.com/dragonblogger you can find everything from video game let's play's, to the various contributors experimenting with different entertainment and product demonstrations. Feel free to get to know all the contributors to DragonBlogger.com over the years, there have been nearly 20 different people contributing at various points in the site history.

Dragon Blogger Technology isn't just about reviewing products and sharing the latest tech news and gadget info. Since the beginning the owner of Dragon Blogger has wanted to give people a chance to win free stuff and was one of the earliest giveaway sites leveraging the giveaway platforms that are now very popular long before they became popular. Giveaways are fair and honest, and each giveaway always has it's winners announced publicly in social media, on the site and in the giveaway platform widget. This ensures legitimacy and accountability for each giveaway and leaves no question “was there really a winner, or was that giveaway really legit?” Many winners also take pictures holding the prizes to help build assurance that the giveaways are indeed legit and not scams.

Enter for your chance to win a PlayStation 4 which includes the EasySMX Cool 2000 Gaming Headsetthat is hosted and sponsored by DragonBlogger.com, ThisBytesForYou and NexusInYou666 but we are also co-hosting and make sure if you enter the giveaway you cut/paste the URL for this page when it asks you “which site did you enter from”. That way we can get credit for co-hosting the giveaway and have our chance to host the winner and win a cool prize ourselves.

Enter to Win a PlayStation 4 Now

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console Giveaway

If the above widget doesn't work you can enter from the main site page here: https://www.dragonblogger.com/ps4giveaway if you have any questions go to DragonBlogger.com and use the contact us form to ask the site owner, or you can ask the giveaway owner at https://www.facebook.com/dragonbloggertech

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