Harnessing the Power of CSS Grid in WordPress Web Design

Harnessing the Power of CSS Grid in WordPress Web Design

In the digital age, where having a visually appealing responsive web design is paramount, it's essential to master the latest CSS techniques to create captivating, user-friendly websites. One such innovation that has profoundly impacted web design in recent years is CSS Grid, a powerful layout system that enables developers to create dynamic and responsive grid-based designs with ease.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the exciting world of CSS Grid, exploring its core concepts, benefits, and applications in WordPress web design. From understanding the versatile features of CSS Grid to implementing responsive and engaging layouts in your website, this article will help you harness the power of CSS Grid to create visually stunning, highly functional WordPress websites.

In addition to educating you on the intricacies of CSS Grid, this guide also offers practical examples, hands-on tutorials, and valuable resources to help you implement the techniques effectively and efficiently. We aim to empower you to create websites that cater to modern design preferences and provide exceptional user experiences.

Understanding the Core Concepts of CSS Grid

Before diving into the practical implementation of CSS Grid in WordPress web design, familiarize yourself with the essential concepts behind this innovative layout system.

  • Grid Container: The parent element that holds the entire grid layout and controls its properties, such as the number of columns, rows, and gaps.
  • Grid Items: The individual content elements placed within the grid container can be organized and manipulated using CSS Grid properties.
  • Grid Lines: The vertical and horizontal lines delineate the grid columns and rows, providing a flexible reference system for positioning grid items.
  • Grid Tracks: The spaces between adjacent grid lines form the columns and rows that make up the grid layout.

Unveiling the Benefits of CSS Grid in WordPress Web Design

CSS Grid offers several advantages over traditional layout techniques, making it a powerful tool for creating responsive and modern web layouts in WordPress.

  • Responsive Design: Easily create fluid and adaptable layouts that adjust seamlessly to different viewport sizes and screen resolutions.
  • Unprecedented Flexibility: Design complex, nested grid layouts easily, thanks to CSS Grid's versatile features and easy-to-use syntax.
  • Simplified Code Structure: Minimize using floats, clears, and other cumbersome CSS techniques, resulting in cleaner and more maintainable code.
  • Superior Browser Support: With most modern browsers supporting CSS Grid, you can confidently implement grid-based designs while maintaining cross-browser compatibility.

Applying CSS Grid Techniques in WordPress Web Design

Once you've grasped the essentials of CSS Grid, you can begin incorporating its powerful features into your WordPress website with these practical strategies.

  • Start with a Mobile-First Approach: Design your grid layouts with mobile devices in mind, using media queries to enhance your layout for larger screen sizes progressively.
  • Employ the `fr` Unit for Fluid Grids: Utilize the flexible `fr` unit for defining grid tracks, which automatically adjusts your layout to fill available space and create a fluid grid system.
  • Leverage Grid Template Areas for Clarity: Define named grid template areas in your grid container to simplify the positioning of grid items and improve the readability of your code.
  • Combine CSS Grid with Flexbox: Use CSS Grid for overall layout structure and Flexbox for grid item arrangement, capitalizing on each layout system's unique strengths.

Tapping into WordPress Themes and Plugins for CSS Grid Compatibility

Embrace CSS Grid in your WordPress workflow by exploring themes, plugins, and resources specifically designed to support grid-based layouts.

  • Choose CSS Grid-Ready Themes: Opt for WordPress themes built with CSS Grid in mind, such as Astra, GeneratePress, or Neve. These themes usually offer built-in support for grid-based layouts, making creating and customizing your website's design easier.
  • Integrate Page Builders with CSS Grid Support: Many popular WordPress page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi incorporate CSS Grid functionality, allowing you to design grid layouts within the page builder interface intuitively.
  • Explore CSS Grid-Based Plugins: Discover plugins like WP Grid Builder, Essential Grid, and GridKit that provide dedicated grid-building tools and options, further enhancing your web design process.


Mastering the power of CSS Grid in WordPress web design can transform how you create responsive, visually engaging websites that leave a lasting impression on your audience. By understanding the fundamental concepts, harnessing the numerous advantages, implementing practical strategies, and leveraging supportive themes and plugins, you can revolutionize your WordPress web design journey and easily create modern, captivating, and user-friendly websites.

Don't hesitate to experiment with various CSS Grid techniques, learn from your experiences, and stay informed about this groundbreaking layout system's latest updates and developments. Embracing the world of CSS Grid bolsters your web design skills and empowers you to create captivating websites that stand out from the competition and truly resonate with your target audience. 

At Nick Throlson, our team of proficient web designers and developers is committed to amplifying your brand's web presence with meticulously crafted, modern, and engaging responsive WordPress websites tailored to your unique requirements. If you need WordPress development services, get in touch with us today!

Site Ground Web Hosting The Best Hosting

Site Ground Web Hosting The Best Hosting

Choosing a hosting provider can be a difficult decision. There are many providers out there that offer similar services and they all claim to be the best. In my opinion, SiteGround is the best, but it will depend on your needs as to which one will work best for you. I will show you some of the features that make SiteGround stand out from other web hosting companies so you can see why I think it's one of the best choices for your website.

How to choose the right hosting company

Site Ground Web Hosting

Choosing a web host is not an easy task. You need to find the right balance of price, features, and customer service. Here are a few tips for doing so:

  • Check reviews: A good way to find out about a web host is by reading reviews from past customers who have used the company's services. If you're not sure where to look for these kinds of reviews, try searching “web hosting reviews” on Google or another search engine.
  • Compare prices: When looking at different web hosting companies, compare their pricing plans side-by-side so that you can see exactly how much each one costs per month (and whether there are any hidden fees). Most providers offer both monthly and annual payment plans; however, some may only offer annual plans. Either way, it's important that you know exactly what kind of deal they're offering before making any commitments!
  • Check out features: You'll also want to make sure that whatever company hosts your website has all the bells and whistles needed in order to provide its users with high-quality service across multiple platforms such as mobile phones/tablets as well as desktop computers with internet access via Wi-Fi routers etc., etc., etc…

In my opinion SiteGround is the best.

  • They have great customer service.
  • Their uptime is 99.98%
  • The features are what you need to build a website.
  • They have great pricing plans with different options depending on your needs and budget, they also offer a free domain if you purchase hosting with them for the first time!
  • If you are looking for a web host that offers 24/7 support in case something goes wrong or if there's anything else regarding your account or site then this company will be able to help out with that as well!

For example checkout their reviews.

One of the best ways to make sure you choose a good web host is by learning about the company's reputation. To do this, you should check their reviews and get a sense for their customer support.

One of the best ways to find reviews is by using Google search: simply type in “siteground review” and click on “Images.” You'll be able to see what other customers have said about SiteGround and then decide if it's right for your needs!

I will be posting more content and showing you how they can help you.

This website is dedicated to teaching you how to use and benefit from Siteground. I will be posting more content and showing you how they can help you.

In this article, we are going to cover the following:

  • How To Use Siteground For Your Blog and website needs.
  • How To Install WordPress On Siteground Hosting Account.
  • How To Install A Theme And Plugin On Your Website Using Cpanel

Hopefully this post helped you and if you have any questions please ask in the comments below.

This article is intended to be a quick and easy read that answers the question: what is the best web hosting company?

There are many different aspects to consider when choosing the right hosting provider for your needs, but I have found that SiteGround has been one of the most reliable options available. They offer all of the basic features you'd expect from any good host and then some. Their support team is great at answering questions quickly, and I've also found their performance and uptime metrics to be excellent.

SiteGround is one of the best web hosting companies out there.

SiteGround is a good choice for hosting.

They have great customer service, they have great uptime, they have a great reputation and offer great value for money.


This post is not just about SiteGround, but it is also about choosing the right hosting company. I think that SiteGround has a lot to offer and they are one of the best web hosting companies out there because they provide great service at an affordable price. If you want more information on how they can help you please check out their website or leave us a comment below

The Best Way To Find Your Ideal Web Hosting Provider

The Best Way To Find Your Ideal Web Hosting Provider

Whether you’re a website developer, blogger, e-commerce entrepreneur, or small business owner, you know how important choosing the right web host is. Pick the good one for you, and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of reliable, high-performance hosting experience that suits your needs. Choose the wrong one, and you’ll end up frustrated with a mountain of financial regret. If it’s your first time looking for a web host or thinking about changing your current provider, here are some things you need to consider to help you land the right option that suits your needs.

  1. Consider data security

Image Credit

You want to ensure that your preferred hosting service can ensure that all your data is protected. That means looking for a provider that offers secure hosting through constant backups, an information redundancy system, and protects your data from external breaches.

  1. Available storage

The type of website you prefer or its purpose will determine how much storage you need. So, if you need a lot of storage space, be sure to opt for a web hosting provider that offers exactly that. This way, you wouldn’t risk running out of memory. You can also look for cheaper plans that will save you money and prevent you from buying more space than is required. Some providers also offer unlimited space, which may help if you’re unsure how much space you’ll need.

  1. Customer service you’ll need

In most cases, the basic customer service you’ll get will include access to email, online chat, and phone support. However, the turnaround time on request may not be the same. Some service providers may offer free 24-hour support, while others provide added security services.

  1. Consider the uptime

There are few things more frustrating than clicking a link online that does not open or takes too long to do so. If you’re running an online business, this alone can significantly affect how much organic traffic you attract to your site.

So, when looking for a web host, think about the uptime they offer. Ensure that you’re getting nothing but the best. You can use a number to ascertain the uptime quality in a very simple way. The closer the number is to 100%, the better service you can expect. Always ensure that your host offers at least 99% uptime quality to be on the safer side.

If you’re an ardent gamer, you might also want to consider getting a server that offers the best latency. For example, if you love playing Ark Survival Evolved, getting an Ark server hosting with low ping times will improve your gaming experience.

  1. Consider your personal needs

Image Credit

Understanding your personal needs will also help you identify what web-hosting package is best for you. For example, suppose you’re a blogger looking to create an online platform that features 24-hour streaming, video blogging, and the ability for others to upload their videos to your platform. In that case, you will require a host that offers more features than a small business owner looking for a simple website.

WordPress Plugins Black Friday Deals

WordPress Plugins Black Friday Deals

Siteground Black Friday Webhosting

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Tips to Get Right Hosting For WordPress Site

Tips to Get Right Hosting For WordPress Site

The WordPress development company has developed a superb platform for business owners to develop amazing websites for their personal or professional use. Now, for our WordPress website, it is important to select the right hosting provider so that our website can function very well.

For selecting the right web hosting provider for your Custom WordPress development site, you should check the below-mentioned criteria which will help you to select the perfect host for your site.

  • Check the Speed and Performance

Good hardware is essential to get great quality of service from the web hosting provider. The overall performance of the website will depend on the memory, processing power and disk space made available to you by your hosting provider.

The usage of the CPU and the RAM will depend on the type of content that you have on your website and also on the number of visitors at one time. The hosting plan should be selected properly as we can?t afford the site to go down when a higher number of visitors arrive on your site and the server is not able to handle all the requests simultaneously.

Most of the hosting companies provide unlimited disk space so disk space is not an issue. The ability of the host to provide quick information to your visitors, i.e. the transfer speed will be the vital component that will be counted. The best web host will be the one who will be able to keep the data transfer time of your site low even under high load.

You can check the load of the server?s CPU, the RAM and how much disk space is allocated to you. You can check it from the dashboard of the host and you can think of upgrading it too if you get low usage.

  • Check the Support they provide to Customers

Customer support is very much beneficial when you are setting up the website and also throughout the plan for maintenance purpose. You will need less support if you know the WordPress installation, security, migration, site backups, caching and restoration.

But, even if you know everything, there are chances of messing up everything and it is always advisable to select a host who provides the best support. Most of the web hosting providers provide some degree of support via the telephone, live web chats, emails, support forums, and support ticket system.

The best support service is the one that provides quick solutions for our problems and that too in a very lucid way.

  • Check the UpTime

Most of the web hosting providers have uptimes in excess of 99.5%. Most of the web hosting companies have excellent uptimes. But, you should check the uptime for various web hosting providers and select the one having a very good uptime.

  • Offsite BackUp and Recovery Facility

In case, your website gets damaged by the hackers and they try to steal your private information and data of your customers, you should be able to restore all the data back through backups taken on the server.

  • Caching

Some web hosting companies provide caching for increasing the speed. In-house caching includes caching on both the client and the server side. There are various plugins available that can help you with client-side caching. So, caching is also an important element to be checked while selecting the web hosting providers.

  • Other Criteria

Check out the version control repository. This is the element that interests the developers. Check the best CDN service while selecting the web hosting provider. Also, check the security features. You can easily get the idea of how robust their servers are by checking how many times they have been hacked. Also, check the physical location of the data center. The closer the center is to the majority of the visitors to the website, the good it will be.

The above criteria will be enough for you to select the right web hosting provider for your Custom WordPress development site. Check the services provided by different hosting providers and select the best which fulfill the above criteria.

Now, once you have selected the right host, you can decide what kind of hosting you want. You have to select the right host according to the requirements of your site.

There are 4 different types of hosting service provided by the hosting providers.

They are different from each other in terms of features and plans. There are free web hosting services also available but they have some limitations too as compared to the paid ones. If you want to create a very good website and serve your customers with it then you shouldn?t include the free hosting plans. ?

Select the web hosting provider and make a very professional site for your business with this platform provided by the WordPress development company.

Author Bio :

Harshal Shah has an countless experience as being a CEO of Elsner Technologies PVT. LTD: WordPress Development Company that offers various web development services to the clients across the globe. Mr. Harshal is an huge tech enthusiastic person who has written major & genuine articles as well as blogs on mostly topics relevant to various CMS platforms. This can guide the readers to acknowledge new practises about web development and also they can learn new ideas to build & optimize a website online using multiple web development tools & techniques.