Some Of The Rules Behind Good SEO

If You are trying to approach your SEO strategy with a view to improving it, there are a lot of ways that you can do so, and it’s something that is always possible to work on in some way or another. In fact, there are a number of rules of thumb that are worth bearing in mind as you do this, so you can ensure that you are carrying out the very best SEO possible. In this post, we are going to go through a number of these rules, which – when followed – will ensure that your SEO is as good as can be.

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Be Sensible With Your Keywords

It is of course hugely important to have a good keyword strategy, as this is one of the major underpinnings of your SEO strategy. But a lot of people make the mistake of going over the top with keywords, stuffing far too many of them into their content. The result is copy that reads poorly and doesn’t actually provide good information for human beings. The truth is that good SEO is all about utilizing keywords sparingly, but effectively. Don’t go over the top with your keywords, and make sure that you are using them in a limited manner.

Go Wider On Your Keyword Research

From time to time, you are going to want to go further than simply trying to rank for the top keyword that your research has uncovered. In fact, there are many times when a keyword is far too crowded to be worthwhile getting into at all, as you are only going to struggle to compete for it if you try to do so yourself. It is sensible to go wider on your keyword research instead, so that you are much more likely to draw in the customers that you are looking for.

Create Compelling Content

Arguably the most important thing you can do on the whole with regard to SEO is to create content which is compelling and convincing in some manner or other. You want to genuinely help people by providing them with useful or engaging information, or entertain them in some manner. If you are not doing this, it won’t matter how many keywords you have in the content – you still won’t get high up in the search engine results. Make sure you are always creating compelling content if you really want to boost your SEO.

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Keep An Eye On The SERPs

There are few metrics more important in SEO than the SERPs – the Search Engines Results Pages. You need to always have a good sense of what your ranking is on these pages, and it is therefore vital that you are keeping a close eye on them as best as you can. To make this easier and more efficient, you can use a SERP robot, which will automatically do it for you and keep you updated. However you do it, just be sure not to overlook it if you really want your SEO to be as good as you would hope.

Keep Links High-Quality

We all know that SEO relies upon having a lot of links, both backlinks and external ones. But it’s important that you are choosing those links which are genuinely high-quality, as otherwise you might struggle to keep the SEO moving in the direction you need it to move. If you are tempted at any point to go for low-quality links, you’ll want to ignore that temptation and opt instead for higher-quality ones. It would be better to have a handful of high-quality links than loads of low-quality ones, after all.

Update Your Site Regularly

A site that is kept updated on a regular basis is going to be much better for SEO purposes than one which is allowed to simply sit there doing nothing much. This is why so many websites have blogs attached to them: it is a relatively easy way to update the site on a regular basis without too much trouble. The more you do that, the more that Google and other search engines are going to trawl the site, so this is a really important thing to be aware of if you are trying to keep your SEO strong.

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Follow Google’s Guidelines

Google actually has a few guidelines on their website concerning how to optimize your on-site SEO, and it would be foolish to ignore or overlook these. Some of them are similar to what we’ve looked at here already, but there are some really important pointers there which you might want to think about. If you follow their guidelines, you are going to be that much more likely to keep your site happy with Google, which is of course important for ensuring that your site is going to be powerful in SEO terms. This can't be overstated.

Site Speed Is Important

People often forget that the speed of a site is hugely important, and if you are overlooking it you might find that you will struggle to keep your website operating in the way you would ideally hope to. People are not going to hang around on your site for very long if the speed is too low, which will therefore alter your bounce ratio, which is one of the quickest ways to cause yourself trouble with your website’s SEO. So, keep those images and videos to a minimum, and speed up your site in whatever other ways you can. You’ll be glad you did.

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Write Long Content

Again on the content front: the research shows that the most SEO-friendly content tends to be at least 750 words, and often longer. So you might want to make a point of keeping your content relatively long. For one thing, this often represents quality of information, as it shows that you have a lot to say about the topic at hand. But be careful not to stuff keywords, as we looked at above, as this can cause some real problems and it is not really what we are going for.

Designing a Superior Website for your Online Gaming Service

Designing a Superior Website for your Online Gaming Service

There are several important factors to consider when you want to design a superior website for your online gaming service. 

The key to success is, of course, to stand out from your competitors in a positive way so that you can gain the most web visitors to play your games.

Responsive Web Design

One of the most essential but often overlooked aspects to consider when designing your website is how responsive it is.  

A website that isn’t responsive can provide a poor user experience and can also get your site penalized by Google when it comes to how you rank in the search results. 

A responsive website is one that will seamlessly adjust in appearance depending on the device, screen size, and orientation of the device it is being accessed on. 

Search Engine Optimization

Ensuring that your online gaming website is going to rank well in the search results is key to getting a high number of visitors. 

This is a concept that you will have to pay attention to during the design phase of building your website. It is also a point that will require ongoing attention, such as by having your website listed on other well-established and authoritative websites.

For example, if your gaming website focuses on bingo, then you will want to be listed on other top online bingo sites so that more people can find you.

If you are a gamer or know someone who is, you know how competitive the field can be. There are tons of different gaming websites out there vying for your attention, and one of them will eventually win it. Whether that website is yours or not depends on what you do to maximize SEO for your gaming website.
This is a long-term game, so you need to be patient and focused on the things that will help your site grow. Changing some of the more traditional SEO techniques for gaming websites may seem counterintuitive, but it can work wonders if done correctly! Of course, if you are struggling with this or don't have the time, you can always hire an SEO agency to ensure there is a lot of traffic directed to your website.

Keep it Simple

If you have big ideas for your online gaming website, then that’s fantastic. It’s great to be passionate about what you are doing, and the more ideas you have, the better!

However, it can be a good idea to keep your website relatively simple so that you do not run the risk of confusing people.

People will be visiting your website to play games, and they will want to be able to find these games with speed and ease. If you have a complicated website design and a lengthy process to sign up to play, then you may put people off. This can quickly cause them to click away and play on the websites of your competitors instead!

Consider Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is a secondary action to building your website, but it is something you should keep in mind during this process.

It is never too soon to start developing a marketing plan that you will then implement once your website is complete. 

Good points to keep in mind when considering your marketing strategy are:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your advertising budget?
  • Where do you want to advertise?
  • What are you offering your visitors?
  • How will you retain your visitors?

If you are not comfortable marketing your gaming website yourself, then it is always possible to outsource this job to an expert.

Do Your Research

When you are attempting to create the very best website, it is important to do your research and to see what other people are doing. You can take inspiration from the websites that you already enjoy and reach out to other people for advice and guidance.

Remember, it is always possible to continue updating and upgrading your website. So, if an aspect of your website design isn’t working for you, then the potential to improve it always exists!

What Is SEO Content Strategy? Everything You Need to Know

This article is originally published on Galactic Fed.

What is SEO Content Strategy?

Content strategy is the piece of your marketing plan that continuously demonstrates the company as a brand and the expertise it brings to the industry. In its most basic form, it is any content you produce that results in an increase of organic search traffic. The strategy portion is the intentional content you create to achieve this purpose.

The Brain Traffic Model from the Content Strategy for the Web breaks content strategy into five components:

  • Core. How do we intend to use content?
  • Substance. What content is needed?
  • Structure. How is content organized?
  • Workflow. How is content created?
  • Governance. How do we decide what to do?

Among these components, you will want to give an answer to “What content is needed” to optimize your site and gain search engine traffic. If any of the terminology in this article is unfamiliar, check out our SEO 101: Glossary of Terms.

Content Strategy and Keyword Research

Before creating your SEO Content Strategy, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your keyword search. Keyword Research is an essential part of any SEO strategy, take it from the experts – we would know.

Keyword research is defined as the process of analyzing and finding a list of valuable keywords for the purpose of SEO copywriting. The keywords, or search terms, often become a guide for the direction of your content and marketing strategy, and have an impact that reaches far and wide when it comes to connected potential consumers with your brand.

Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing actual search terms that people enter into search engines. The insight you can get into these actual search terms can help inform content strategy, as well as your larger marketing strategy.

If you need a comprehensive review of keyword research, check out our Definitive Guide to SEO Keyword Research.

Creating Content for SEO

Creating high-quality content is critical to content marketing success. With thousands of blog posts published every day, you need a way to make your content stand out. Creating content not only helps your leads get to know your business, but it also helps your business improve your SEO ranking. As an SEO content creator, you’ll be on the fast track to boosting your website’s ranking in the search results and driving more traffic to your page.

SEO content comes in many forms including product pages, videos, infographics, blog posts, and guides. Blogs are the most common format of content for SEO content creators. It’s one of the most accessible formats for creating a large quantity of material. Blog posts are engaging and allow you to share valuable information with your audience.

With blogs, you can engage your audience by sharing valuable information with them. It’s a great way to attract links and traffic, as well as build your website’s authority.

Importance of Brand Voice

It is important to define your brand voice to be able to write successful content. A consistent brand voice and vocabulary is essential to implementing localized content and intelligent content strategies effectively. This can be the type of words you use (academic vs. casual) or your overall tone of voice (educational vs. conversational.) A simple way to identify your specific brand voice is:

  1. Gather a representative sample of your content.
  2. Describe your brand voice in three words
  3. Create a brand voice chart (see below)
  4. Ensure you understand how to put your brand voice into action
  5. Revisit and revise the brand voice chart from time to time

Source: CoSchedule

Buyer’s Persona and the Buyer’s Journey

Content has to be targeted and timely in order to generate qualified leads as part of your inbound sales strategy or in content marketing. Content, whatever its purpose, should always be timely, buyer-centric, improve your lead generation strategy, and positively impact sales.

Building a content strategy is more than considering what type of content you want to create. You first need to know who you’re speaking to, how you want to speak to them, and where to find them. Your buyer persona is the person that you want to reach with your content. This semi-fictional character serves as a representation of your target audience

You want to connect with your buyer’s persona and pinpoint the issues they encounter so you could provide solutions that they need. Each of your prospects follows a path to a solution — that path involves awareness, consideration, and decision stages. By creating content for each stage of the buyer’s journey, you’re ensuring that no visitors fall through the cracks and that every individual that comes to your site feels like they are receiving relevant, useful information.

For more on the importance of a buyer’s persona and how to thoroughly create one, check out our article on What is a Buyers Persona? (And Why Does It Matter?)

Basically, the goal is to begin with identifying blog post title suggestions based on keyword research with sufficient supporting data on why you need to create this content, why you need it on your site, what are the recommended components of the content, and how it will help you grow. Most of the time, we only recommend informational content and therefore use keywords with informational intent. This is because you’ll want these topics to be written as blog posts which you can also use in link building.

SEO Content Strategy Essentials

  • Make sure the intent of your keyword matches the intent of your title. A good tip is to try and figure out what the people who are searching for this particular keyword want to know. Once you have that figured out, you can craft your topic/title to answer their question/give them the information they’re looking for.

It’s also important that you understand what the keyword actually is so that you’ll be able to provide the best title/angle that would revolve around that topic. If you’re not sure what it means, you can always check how other sites are talking about it so you get a better idea.

Be careful about using transactional keywords as the target keywords for informational pages. Those are mainly to inform things like product page copy and backlink anchor text. You can still use those keywords for blog posts, but you should individually investigate them and make sure that Google is actually ranking informational content for that keyword in the top 5 or so positions, and you also don’t want to inadvertently outrank your own product pages for those keywords.

Specifically, you’ll need informational keywords when doing content strategy for blog posts. Content strategy in general can encompass all types of pages including product pages, landing pages, listing pages, and others. So informational and transactional keywords both have their place.

  • Consider the site’s authority. When choosing keywords from your keyword research, consider the authority of your site. If the site is new or has very little authority, choose keywords with the lowest difficulty instead of targeting KW with high volume search but with high difficulty, as it would be hard to compete with already established sites.
  • Google the keywords. This will allow you to get an idea on what other sites are talking about, and try to come up with a way to make your content better than the rest. If other sites, for example, have 5 Tips, Make ours 8-10. Or if others are just talking about “how,” make ours what, how, where, etc.
  • Keywords don’t need to be an exact match. You don’t want to sacrifice natural-sounding titles in order to force in an exact match keyword. Let the keywords inform the overall idea of the title, but they don’t necessarily need to be an exact match. For example, Google can make the connection between an “e-learning developer” and a “developer for your e-learning platform.” Exact match isn’t strictly necessary to have in the title. It’s nice if you can include it, but the most important factor for the title is drawing in viewers, and the creative copy can accomplish this better in many cases than just repeating the query. Do make sure that the title is clearly relevant to the query, and for ranking/featured-snippet purposes it would be good to have the exact match as a heading or subheading in the article content.
  • Same title as another article is sometimes OK. It should also be worth mentioning, though, that having the same title as another article from another site isn’t necessarily a bad thing either, as long you make your content better than theirs. If the first page is saturated with exact-match long-tail keywords, though, then standing out might be a better strategy than conforming exactly to the keyword.
  • Speak to the buyer’s journey. Usually, when working on a high-level marketing strategy, it requires that you speak to the buyer’s journey. You want to make sure to touch on how that keyword phrase ties back to the buyer’s journey of your product or service.

For example, say you’re a company that appraises homes. You could structure your content as follows:

Suggested Title: Does A Messy House Affect An Appraisal?

Target KW: does a messy house affect an appraisal

Search Volume: 200

While low search volume, this keyword touches on a topic very much on the mind of a hot lead. This is a direct query that’s linked to appraisals, which are part of the home-buying process.. And as a result, you would need to rank for that term.

  • Use a content explorer tool. At Galactic Fed, we like to use Ahrefs. You can also run the keyword in Ahrefs’ “Content Explorer” for more topic ideas and to check which topics generate more traffic that could also bring traffic to your site.
  • Overview. For each blog post title recommendation, it’s best practice that each article must be thoroughly explained, keyword-justified (using both main topic keywords and keywords for subtopics of the article), and well thought out within the context of your brand and content direction.
  • Cross-check against existing material. When you do content creation it’s recommended to add internal links. The internal links are a good way of cross-checking against existing material and establishing potential in-article backlinks for content syndication.

A perfect SEO content strategy seamlessly marries the science behind ranking higher in search, with the various compelling pieces of content a reader can consume. It’s using the content you produce not only to educate, entertain and inform, but to make sure people are able to find your business and brand right when they need it. The best type of SEO content addresses your buyer’s journey and solves real problems, so when they are asking a search bar the questions, you are the answer.

Become your own SEO guru by reading all the articles in our SEO 101 Series.

SEO for Voice Search | 8 Valuable Tips to Optimize Voice Search in 2020


Voice search usage is rapidly increasing and it is expected that by the end of the year around 50% of all searches will be made via voice. It was always expected that voice search will become popular because it is easier to speak than it is to type. 

As more voice technologies develop, consumers are likely to use voice search more frequently. Given how important voice search is and how important it is expected to become, it is imperative for all business owners and marketers to know the top voice search optimization strategies which they can use to get ahead of their competitors. Let’s have a look how you can optimize for voice search.

1.Optimize Your Website for Mobile:

Today optimizing your website for mobile is more important than it has ever been in the past. This is because most voice searches happen on mobile phones. Further, a mobile-friendly website can be a shot in the arm for your SEO initiatives. 

You need to have a responsive layout which ensures that your website offers the same seamless experience on mobile phones as it does on websites. Further, you need to ensure that your homepage is clear and your website is easily navigable. You need to make sure that your website loads very quickly (3 seconds or less) on both smart-phones as well desktops. 

A site which loads quickly creates a quality user experience and helps in boosting rankings. You can try the Google Search Console to see if your site is good to go or if it needs some improvement. 

2. Create Conversational Content:

Your focus should be on creating conversational content because voice searches are more conversational than searches of other kind. It shouldn't be so difficult to understand. The fact remains that people don't speak the same as they communicate online and you need to create your content around that. 

Voice searches contain more specifics to what people are searching and that is why your focus should be on targeting long-tail keywords which have a better chance of reaching targeted customers.

3.Long-Tail Keyword Research:

Your focus should be on long-tail keywords because they are the best possible way to show up in Google's prime spots. It won't be so difficult to achieve this since long-tail keywords have comparatively less competition. You can use different tools to discover the long-tail keywords that your target audience uses along with their search volume, keyword difficulty and other ranking metrics. Your focus should be on using conversational, long-tail keyword phrases in your content which is better placed in answering the natural language questions of the searchers. 

4.Focus On Local Searches:

Your focus should be on local searches because most people use voice search to find local businesses, products or services. It has already been mentioned that by the end of the year voice search will account for around 50% of all Google searches. 

Hence your focus should be on optimizing your website and content for local searches, to get leverage over your competitors. You need to target local keywords which will help you in gaining higher search rankings. 

5.Restructure Your Content:

There is a need to restructure your content because it is common knowledge that voice search queries are a lot more conversational than traditional search queries. Hence your focus should be on creating short, concise answers to voice search queries. You need to structure your content to rank better for voice search results. 

You can include Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) on your product pages because they are inclusive of question keywords and are very short as well. You should always break your content into small fragments with the help of pointers as it helps in achieving better rankings. 

6.Improve Content Readability:

Your focus should be on creating good and readable content. Your aim should be on creating content which can get a ranking of around 8 on the Flesch Kincaid Grade. When you create precise content at that level it will help you in ranking your content. 

7.Leverage Google My Business Listings:

It has already been mentioned that most people using voice search are looking for local businesses, products and services. One of the most important factors for ranking for local searches is your Google My Business listing. If and when you leverage your Google My Business listing, you let Google know that your business is located at a particular place. 

This works for you because any time anyone asks Google to display businesses like you in that particular area, your business stands a chance for ranking for that query. You need to include accurate NAP information in your listing. Further, you need to choose the right categories and also provide the accurate area codes. Once you improve your local SEO and have a proper Google My Business listing, you will be able to see positive results right away. 

8.Focus On Answering Questions:

41% of all people use voice search in a way that they would talk to a friend. Most people using voice-search don't use keywords, they ask questions. That is why your focus should be on using conversational, long-tail keyword phrases in your content which will help you in answering natural language questions. 

Your focus should be on creating conversational content around natural language keyword phrases that your target audience is most likely to ask. 

The Bottom Line

Voice search is expected to impact the future of SEO and digital marketing as a whole. With every passing year, voice search continues to grow and its popularity and usage isn't expected to slow down anytime soon. 

Given the changing behavior of the consumers at large, it is imperative upon marketers to be prepared for any marketing trend to be better placed to meet the expectations of consumers. If you haven’t optimized your website for voice search, then it is time that you do so. You can do so on your own or can hire digital marketing services of an offshore digital marketing agency for the same purpose.

Tips you should remember to improve your SEO with the help of Social Media

Tips you should remember to improve your SEO with the help of Social Media

Social media impacts your search rankings yet not in the manner you may think. The facts confirm that search engines, for example, Google doesn’t legitimately factor in the social impact on their ranking algorithm. While this doesn't give you a reason to overlook social media thoroughly. One reason why social media fundamentally impacts your search engine ranking is a result of social sharing. This brings various advantages and among them are inbound links. In the event that you know somewhat about SEO, you have most likely discovered that inbound links assume a basic job in deciding the value of a site to search engines. The more inbound links your site has, the more significant it is viewed as. 

The search industry is constantly buzzing about how social media software and also facebook messenger bot can impact SEO. social media SEO alludes to how social media activities can help your site's natural traffic through search engines. It's a point that never gets old. It makes your SEO activities successful as well as worthwhile. 

Nonetheless, in spite of prevalent thinking, web-based social networking doesn't legitimately add to SEO. At the end of the day, social signals don't legitimately help rank better. The links that you share on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest may enable your brand to get more introduction, yet they aren't seen by Google as a ranking signal. 

Reasons to Up Your Social Media Game 

Search engine optimization is tied in with increasing greater visibility and getting more individuals to naturally visit your site. Social media marketing then again is tied in with taking advantage of social networks and getting found on them by the opportune individuals. The two of them may appear to be unique yet have overlapping objectives. Fundamentally, they cooperate. This is the reason web indexes are getting increasingly social, and social networks are transforming into significant search engine tools. 

  • The Content on social media Gets Indexed 

The correct sort of social media content published on a regular basis can have a tremendous effect on your overall content marketing campaign. Also, when you discover that your social media posts can get crept via the search engine spiders and get indexed, things show signs of improvement. 

  • Social Media Helps Build Authority 

Search engines give a great deal of weight to a site's authority, making it a basic SEO factor to concentrate on. According to search engines, if your page or domain has a high value, it has high authority. Furthermore, a superior opportunity to rank above sites with not really solid authority. 

  • Social Media helps Involving Real People 

While SEO has a technical side to it, it's not just thing you ought to be centered around. The majority of the blackhat or unethical SEO practices are technical in nature, but neglect to give long term results since they take the “client” out of the equation. These strategies are not about individuals when search engines are explicitly searching for a human touch. 

Tip to improve your SEO with the help of Social Media 

  • Get More Quality Links 

Backlinks have consistently been a significant factor with regards to a site's ranking in the search engines. Both, the quality and the quantity of backlinks strongly affects how well your site ranks. By concentrating your efforts on better social media marketing, you are bound to pull in the correct sort of backlink openings. At the point when your content has a higher number of online networking shares, it is gets taken note. 

  • Increment the Number of Branded Searches 

Developing your audience and building a solid brand is a gigantic piece of any online marketing campaign, social media marketing is also the same. Your social media pages and profiles assist you with making an association with your picked set of audience. With your steady social media updates and by providing quality data to them all the time, they perceive your brand. They know what your identity is and what sort of content you make. Also, beginning considering you to be a trusted source. 

  • Tap Into Local Search 

In case you're a little or medium-sized business with a physical address, you can't and ought not to disregard the intensity of local search. Google knows the significance of topography and its pertinence to giving individuals a superior client experience. With a vast dominant part of the Internet clients searching for local organizations on their mobile phones, neighborhood look will undoubtedly develop. 

  • Understand What Your Audience Wants 

While the significance of keywords in SEO continues as before, the manner in which they're being explored has advanced throughout the years. Today, finding and choosing the correct keywords includes a solid understanding of “client's expectation”. Without understanding the expectation of the searcher, the picked keywords may not give you the outcomes you're searching for. If you search for “scene photography”, Google needs to know why you did as such so as to serve the most significant outcomes. 

There are numerous approaches to find out about what your audience needs, for example, email feedbacks, however, you can do likewise with social listening. By following and investigating the different sorts of discussions your audience is having via web-based networking media, you can pick up bits of knowledge into their wants and needs. This can assist you with making content that takes into account their needs, which thusly gives Google and other search engines what they're searching for. 

  • Build a Strong Audience or Following 

Making an incredible product is clearly the initial move towards accomplishing extraordinary marketing objectives. In any case, so as to genuinely consider your service or product a triumph, it is critical to get the message out about it among your intended target audience particularly the early adopters. Keep in mind, if your audience doesn't think about your offering, it's in the same class as not having it. 

The marketplace of today is profoundly focused where organizations are prepared to make a genuine investment to get a lot of the pie. Which is the reason you need to place in the required additional push to effectively connect with your intended target audience? The more proactive you are in your methodology, the better outcomes you will see.

Build Partnerships 

In our very own social media strategy, while regardless we use strategy one (deliberately sharing our content via web-based networking media), I've been moving more or our time toward utilizing social to build strategic relationships prompting potential associations. The way that it's gotten substantially more hard to contact an audience naturally nowadays implies we should focus on the one thing social media shows development over practically some other marketing channels: cultivating connections. there are three levels of relationship-building you should focus on with your social media: 

  • Brand fans. This works with both of the past strategies since it will expand the introduction of your content and assemble progressively positive brand specifies via social media. The active social media clients who love your brand are unpaid supporters who duplicate your adequacy for free. 
  • Organic influencers. Organic influencers are social media accounts that have an impact significant to your brand earned in view of real aptitude, authority, and dependability. 
  • Strategic partners. Strategic partners are representing non-focused organizations or persuasive individuals in your industry with whom you can co-make significant content and experiences that influence both of your social audiences.

Author Bio –

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web-design & Development Company, helping global businesses to grow using equity based crowdfunding sites. He would love to share thoughts on Android & i-Phone App Development Services, Digital marketing etc.

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