Savvy Methods To Get More Out Of Your Marketing

Every business that wants to generate more sales and grow its brand awareness needs a good marketing strategy behind them. Great marketing goes alongside great branding. They both work to maximize a brand’s reputation and awareness, which will help a brand increase its reach and therefore, its sales.

Follow this guide for the savviest methods to get more out of your marketing.

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Do more for your CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is essential for a business to enhance its interactions with its customers. The better you interact with your customers, the better engaged they will be, which will translate into loyal and regular customers. 

Therefore, doing more for your CRM will ensure that you can attain the best relationships with your customers, which is essential for generating more sales. You can enhance your CRM through your marketing strategies. For instance, using HubSpot with NetSuite will attract new customers and improve the retention of your existing customer base. You can learn more online about connecting your HubSpot to NetSuite to attain the benefits of getting more out of your marketing and your sales.

Post more than once a day

If your current marketing strategy involves posting only once a day, then you will want to adjust it. Posting more than once per day will help you attract more customers. 

For instance, if you post every day at the same time, you will likely attract the same customers. Or, you will only attract customers that are within the timezone that you post. 

Therefore, posting throughout the day will help you reach more of a worldwide audience, which will help your business attract new customers and generate more sales.


Should you lack the time to post frequently throughout the day because you need to do other things, then you can automate your marketing to reduce your efforts. 

Automation will help your content go live when you are focusing on something else. For instance, automating your tweets for your Twitter page means that you create and schedule the content, and it will go live in the background (for when it set it to go live). It takes the manual effort out of publishing marketing content. Therefore, your business can still be consistent with its marketing without the extra effort.

Work with content creators (for free)

With the increase in content creators on the internet, there are plenty to choose from to work with to advertise your business. Many will work for free in exchange for a gifted product or a gifted service, which will help increase your brand’s awareness. 

You can pay content creators for their time and work. Yet, working with them on gifted collaborations will help you save money and maximize your marketing. They can share your business with their audience and help you attain new customers. 

Should you create a great relationship and a lot more sales through collaboration, then you have a win-win situation. You can do this with several content creators with different audiences to maximize your reach. 

What Do Consumers Look For In Great Branding?

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As a firm, it’s important that you make sure your ability to present your operation, vision, and products or services well is essential. This kind of appeal can make new customers into returning clients, unsure consumers into first time purchasers, and regular people into brand ambassadors via word of mouth.

Of course, customers don’t generally ‘look for’ good branding, they just know what they like when they see it, and this means that some efforts are better than others. No matter if you hope to market a product, an event, a service, or something else entirely, knowing how to package the entire affair and trade using its spirit as marketing fodder can be key.

But what exactly do consumers respond to? After all, isn’t everyone different? How can we appeal to the masses when so many people have their own tastes and preferences we could leverage? Thankfully, a great deal of research has gone into this approach, meaning that even the pluckiest small firm can get the best of this understanding provided they use the best design agency and take a proactive approach towards branding. With that in mind, please consider:

Authentic Style

Authentic style is key when determining your branding approach. For instance, think of how brands like Jack Daniels have used the kind of font script on their labels for some time, harping back to the old times where proud stencilled lettering was key to promoting a brand, where the idea of barrel-aged whiskeys and Tennessee whiskeys spoke to adventure, masculinity, an old-school approach, and more.

For these reasons, even though Jack Daniels isn’t considered a particularly high-end whiskey compared to other brands out there, people still wash and present the bottles on their shelves or give it pride of place in their bar. That’s the power of authentic style and a willingness to present character proudly.

Themes Properly Expressed

Branding is also aided by themes that the kind of imagery, font, and graphic design used can imply. For instance, think of a fitness supplement as a product. It might come in a very simple plastic bottle geared towards keeping the supplement itself safe. The labelling around this bottle, however, will often showcase streamlined, cool fonts, use imagery that denotes power, performance, and agility, as well as competition, and will do its best to showcase people performing and finding passion in what they do on their website. Of course, these themes will be expressed best of all of they sponsor a fitness influencer to promote the product, as then the success achieved by the hard work of such a person automatically becomes associated with this supplement. As you can see – how you express a theme is just as important as what the theme is to begin with.

Transparency & Accessibility

Consumers wish for brands to be accessible, perhaps most of all. Without this, it’s very easy for companies to feel disconnected from the realities of day to day life, or out of touch with who might be purchasing their goods.

Some firms might take a thorough approach to sustainability, for instance, making that a core component of their branding. It’s also important to make sure your branding is accessible and understandable, that it doesn’t take too much work to piece together what you’re selling, why you believe in that product, and why they should care and not just move on. This takes an honest candor and the willingness to be up front.

Even with mysterious and often ridiculously artsy fragrance advertisements, the message is clear – our product will make you smell good and be desirable. As mysterious as the content of that advertising might seem, no matter what language you may speak, you see Johnny Depp staring off into the distance and a bottle of fragrance and you instantly understand the themes presented – you understand that you’re supposed to feel cool wearing this product. 

If your branding is too complex, despite how smart your audience may be, consider how you can get the point across in a more transparent and accessible manner.

Pride, History, & Presence

Ultimately, if you can’t show pride in your history, in your presence, in your existence as a firm, it’s hard to convince others to care as well.

This is why companies often celebrate ‘5 years of being here!’ as well as celebrate events, prominently discuss their history on little pamphlets within orders of a certain value, and more. It’s about motivating the staff, celebrating their approach, and allowing others to find interest in that too. 

It might be that your firm could benefit from such an approach.

With this advice, we hope you can look for the best of branding in the best of ways, and apply that to your own firm.

The Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency and When You Should Start Looking for Help

As your company grows, you'll find that there are certain aspects of marketing that you should outsource. Hiring an agency can help free up time to focus on other aspects of your business.

It's not only beneficial for the growth of your company, but it can also be more cost-effective than hiring multiple employees for all the different marketing tasks. This is because digital marketing services can cover things like lead generation, copywriting, and conversion optimization, which would cost you much more than just hiring one employee to do all three.

Why You Should Consider Hiring Marketing Help

The importance of having someone who can help with marketing cannot be understated. You want to be able to execute your ideas and get the word out about your company and products. This is something only a professional marketing team will be able to do effectively.

A marketing company or a digital marketing agency can provide you with the necessary help that you need with your marketing. With professionals on your team, you can focus on what you do best and let their skills take care of the rest.

How to Find the Right Marketing Agency for Your Business

A marketing agency can help you with various aspects of marketing. They can help you in all stages of the marketing process starting from planning to execution. Some marketers question the benefits of hiring an agency for their business. They can collaborate with in-house marketers in generating content for their website or social media posts.

But the truth is that agencies might be worth the expense because they have both analytical and creative abilities when it comes to developing campaigns and strategies. You need to find a good marketing agency and to do that, it’s wise to do your research. Also ask for recommendations and take meetings until you find the right fit for your business.

The Different Types of Marketing Expertise That You Can Hire

The marketing world has changed enormously in the past decade with the rise of social media, mobile devices, and e-commerce. The emergence of digital marketing has also led to many changes in how marketers are required to work. While it is true that there are many types of expertise in marketing, some common positions include:

1) Social Media Specialist

2) Content Writer

3) SEO Specialist

4) Analytics Expert

5) Business Development Manager

Think about what you need help with the most and see whether you want to hire one team, individual freelancers, or a mix of both,

What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Agency

The key to successful business is knowing the right questions to ask when hiring an agency. When you make an appointment with an agency, make sure you ask them about their experience in the niche they are hired for. However, don’t blindly trust that their previous customers in that niche will be like your customers in terms of demographics and preferences.

Ask the agency how they work and how they measure success. Make sure they align with your expectations and goals. Agencies should not start working on a project until you sign a contract with them because it will give them clarity on your budget and timeline for the project.

Nice To Meet You: How To Introduce Your Brand To New Customers

While customer retention is important, if you are on the lookout for sustainable business growth, you also need to be able to introduce your brand to new customers on a regular basis. After all, being able to expand your customer base means that you are on the right path when it comes to increasing your sales rates and building strong brand recognition. However, with fierce competition in every industry, you simply cannot rely on new customers to come across your band by accident – you need to put in the work to drive them towards your business and brand. 

Photo by Constantin Wenning on Unsplash

Here are some top tips to get you started! 

Set up a blog. By setting up a blog and using insider blogging tips to increase your readership, you can significantly increase the amount of traffic your business’s website receives on a daily basis. This is great news as increased traffic often goes in hand with increased sales. Running a successful blog also gives you the opportunity to solidify your reputation as an industry expert – enhancing the sense of trust shared between your clients and your company. 

Send out brochures. Mailing out brochures is another excellent way in which you can grow your customer base – especially due to the fact that they present all the necessary information in a way that is easy to digest. Furthemore, studies suggest that customers are more likely to pay attention to brochures than pop-up advertisements which can quickly be closed and discarded. However, you must also ensure that your brochure is well-designed and eye-catching – so be sure to check out an excellent brochure example ahead of time for some inspiration. 

Shake up your marketing campaign. Your marketing campaign is often the first point of contact between your brand a new customer – and as a result, it’s important that you are able to develop a marketing campaign that delivers. To get started on the right foot, you should ensure that all of your marketing efforts are specifically tailored to your customer base/target audience. This means that you should really get to know them on a deep level, so you can build your services around their needs and demands. To get started, you should ensure that you can answer important questions that help you better understand your customers

Update your website. The quality of your website will significantly impact the way in which a potential customer perceives your brand. As a result, you need to make a real effort to ensure you make an excellent first impression through online leads and your website as a whole. One way in which you can achieve this goal is by ensuring that your website is updated on a regular basis – for example, you should ensure that your website is thoroughly up-to-date, both in terms of the content and any technical features. For example, a website that runs slowly or is full of broken links is going to turn customers away as opposed to drawing them in. On the other hand, a well-designed website will help show your customers that you are highly professional and that they can trust you with their money. 

The ABCs Of Making A Better First Impression With Online Leads

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The formula for online business success relies on many different elements. Nonetheless, the value of a great first impression cannot be emphasized enough. It might not guarantee a conversion or the start of a long-term affiliation with the brand. However, a negative impact during the initial interaction could end your chances before they’ve even started.

It may sound like an impossible task. However, you can make significant progress by focusing on just three easy steps. Just remember your ABCs.


Before worrying too much about what your own marketing campaigns achieve, think about what others are saying. Consumers are smarter than ever and will look to read reviews about the company. They do this before making an online purchase or even visiting the branch. In short, they want to verify that you provide the best solution.

If they can see that other customers have been impressed by your services, it bodes well. An online reputation agency can help build and maintain a strong presence across all platforms. In addition to establishing an increased sense of trust, it’ll have a hugely positive influence on brand visibility. 

Ensuring that people who actively search for your band see positive things is key. However, you must not forget to reach out to audiences via third-party affiliates. Setting up a referral scheme is the perfect way to make this happen.


Branding is a massive part of any marketing strategy. It covers the personality and image that you create. Many people think that this is about web design, logos, and color schemes. In reality, it is more about what you stand for and the ability to connect with prospective leads. If they like the people behind the company, they’ll be more likely to buy.

Both B2B and B2C clients are increasingly interested in using brands that share common values. With this in mind, you will want to think about corporate social responsibility. From supporting worthy causes to adopting green processes and packaging, the benefits are huge. And the results are instant.

You can promote this as a reason for clients to choose your company. As well as showing responsibility, it is worth showing the fun side of your brand. When combined with good customer care and inclusion, success will follow.


Liking the brand is one thing, but clients also need to interact with it regularly. In fact, it is suggested that at least seven touch points are needed to convert a new sale. Therefore, you must find ways to keep them participating with the brand. High-quality content is the most significant feature by far. When working in the digital arena, this can include video, infographics, and podcasts, as well as text.

You can also celebrate offline activities like promo days through content or press releases. Crucially, when building content, you need to show consistency with the brand image. You should also ensure that you are using the right social media platforms for your audience. Otherwise, you may end up wasting valuable time and money.

When you create engaging content and promote it in the right places, you will gain awareness and interest from your audience. Frankly, if that means ignoring outside demographics, let it be. They wouldn’t convert anyway.

16 Steps To Develop An Marketing Campaign That Delivers


No brand can escape marketing, every business needs a marketing campaign that delivers results. To support you with your campaign development, here are sixteen tips to achieve success.

1 . User-generated content

User-generated content refers to content that’s made by people as opposed to brands, and then posted on a social platform. The content could be a video, image, or a review. UGC is useful because consumers often will create content that features a brand, or is relevant to a particular industry. 

According to Everyone Social, ‘79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions.’ ES research also demonstrated that ‘Millennials find UGC to be 35% more memorable than content that came from mainstream sources.’

Stackla CEO Damien Mahoney explains that,’ Billions of images are shared on social media every day. Buried within them are the most authentic and relevant brand experiences that people crave and brands can’t manufacture.’

2. Shoppable posts

Shoppable posts allow people to make purchases by clicking on a social media post. There are several different types of shoppable posts, some posts feature images and others use interactive videos. 

To fuel the success of your shoppable posts it’s a great idea to run special promotions or contests. Brands might also like to collaborate with influencers, to boost the visibility of these posts. There are several advantages to running shoppable posts such as increased sales, data collection, and brand storytelling opportunities.

3. Several types of video

Brands know that video content delivers, but are you using enough video content? There are plenty of different types of video content that you can focus on:

Educational Videos: 

Customers enjoy learning new things and researching topics online. When brands create educational videos they can boost their credibility, engage consumers, and support SEO strategies.

Product Videos: 

Want to show your consumers what your product can really do? What better way to do so than a product demonstration video? Using this type of content you can get your customers excited about the benefits of your product.

Live streaming: 

Brands can use live streaming videos in various ways. You might like to offer Q&A sessions with your customers, or host live events?

These are just a few of the video content types which can help you to improve your marketing campaigns. Other options include brand films, animation videos, or personalized marketing videos.

4. Interactive content

Interactive content is a fantastic way to engage your audience, access data, and widen your reach on social media. Brands have many options for interactive content, including polls and quizzes, contests, infographics, or posts with multiple-choice questions. 

You might also like to create interactive videos, this type of content tends to have a high engagement rate. Branching is one of the most popular interactive video techniques right now. According to Breadnbeyond, ‘With branching, you let your audience choose and create their adventure by providing them with interactive storytelling.’ The process works by providing your audience with narrative-based questions and prompting them to click on different links.

5. Call in the professionals

You’ve probably got the idea that marketing covers so many different tactics and tasks. Unless you have a certain level of expertise it can be difficult to market your brand alone. Hiring a digital marketing agency is a solid investment to help you build a high-performing campaign.

There are so many different agencies out there, so how do you know which one is right for you? The best tip is to choose an agency that specializes in your industry. That way you work with experts who can create a tailor-made solution. There are plenty of niche marketing agencies whether you need a healthcare digital marketing agency or a marketing company for law firms.

6. Contextual marketing

Contextual marketing refers to a strategy to ensure that the content is relevant to the consumer. The idea is to serve ads to people based on their preferences and interests. Using social media ads brands can target the appropriate demographics, and show ads to the right people. Social platforms such as Facebook allow brands to select various demographics to improve their user targeting.

Brands can also practice contextual marketing with the help of retargeting. With the help of retargeting brands can show ads to those people who have already visited their site, yet did not make a purchase.

7. Focus on sustainability

People are actively looking to buy from brands that care about the planet. If your brand doesn’t take responsibility, you risk being boycotted. There are so many ways that businesses can focus on sustainability. You might focus on using sustainable materials and practices, or support sustainable charities within your local community.

When you deliver your marketing campaigns you’ll want to ensure that your audience understands your sustainability efforts. Educate them about what your brand is doing to make a difference.

8. Influencer campaigns

Working closely with content creators is a fantastic way to level up your marketing strategy. Content creators like influencers know how to produce killer campaigns that get results. Contrary to popular belief you don’t need a big budget to collaborate with some great influencers. Working with nano influencers is not expensive, these creators have small audiences, but high engagement levels. Influencer marketing campaigns are a great way to build an online presence.

9. Use testimonials

Research from Business2Community demonstrates that ‘customer testimonials are the most effective form of content, coming in at an 89% effectiveness rating.’ Before customers commit to buying a new product they want to see positive reviews and glowing testimonials. Unless your consumers find these things it can be difficult to get them to trust your brand. 

10. Improve your brand story

Great marketing relies on a unique brand story and engagingly delivering that brand story. Your brand story should focus on the tale of how and why your business exists. What challenges does your business respond to, how can your product be used to solve these problems? What is your vision, and above all what makes you different? To craft a winning brand story you’ll need to focus on questions like these.

To communicate your brand story to your audience you’ve got plenty of options. Your business might use videos, live events, or blog posts. Most businesses use a range of different methods to get their brand story out there.

11. Focus on analytics

Developing an effective marketing campaign isn’t just about the tactics, it’s about reviewing your performance, and identifying areas for improvement. Brands need to analyze and track all their marketing efforts and focus on this data. There are several marketing analytics tools that brands can use to improve their tactics. You might try heat mapping tools to assess user behavior, or software to assess the performance of your content.

12. Improved CRM

Third-party cookies are being phased out, and brands need to prepare for this. According to data from Hubspot, ‘41% of marketers believe their biggest challenge will be their inability to track the right data.’

If you’ve relied on third-party data for your audience targeting now could be a good time to improve your Customer Relationship Management. It’s important to note that it’s just third-party cookies that are getting the boot. Google is still going to permit first-party cookies, these will permit you to gather basic web user data.

13. Run events online

Looking for a great way to improve your marketing campaigns? Running online events is an awesome tactic. Online events are a great way to entertain your users, establish thought leadership, interact with your audience, and drive engagement. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or reach out to new audiences online events can empower you in plenty of different ways.

As you can imagine it can be slightly more difficult to engage users compared to an in-person event. The key is to put plenty of effort into the planning stages, focus on unique touches that will give your event the wow factor.

14. Quality content

Consumers grow weary of seeing the same type of content everywhere, low-quality content quickly becomes frustrating, and it will do nothing for your credibility. Brands need to focus on producing well-thought-out content that’s high quality and offering something special.

It’s more important to produce less high-value content than lots of low-value content. Unless you put effort into your content creation, your consumers are going to get bored pretty fast.

15. Marketing automation

With the help of marketing automation brands can save time and improve their ROI. There are several different types of marketing automation including email automation, automation of web forms, analytics, and social media automation. Automating processes help brands to streamline their marketing efforts.

16. Create a podcast

Podcasts are a great way to provide your audience with unique content and offer extra value. Succeeding as a brand isn’t just about the products and services that you offer. It’s about becoming an authority in your industry, going the extra mile, and building a community.

Podcasts are one of the best ways that you can build a community. You’ll grow your following and have the opportunity to educate your listeners. Podcasts also provide the chance to interact with your audience, for example, you might host regular Q&A sessions.

Developing an effective marketing campaign takes a great deal of research and planning. Making progress relies on an ongoing effort and a willingness to revise tactics regularly.