Top 4 Tools to Enhance Efficiency When Your Team is Working Remotely

Back in the day, remote work used to be considered a customer care job that attracted below minimum wage. However, the trend is changing thanks to advanced technology, and the Coronavirus pandemic remote work is now becoming a full-time career.

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Technology now allows you to get the same job done regardless of your geographical location. With this, you need to figure out how you can adapt to the changing needs of business and technology. This means you must keep up with the need to work remotely. Therefore, it is essential to utilize various tools that make remote work more manageable and efficient. Have a look at these four tools that will enhance efficiency when your team works remotely:

Remote Communication Tools

The chances are that you have used Zoom or Google Meetings before. These tools are excellent for seamless remote communication. However, you should not assume that your team will adapt to any system effortlessly. 

First, you should consider teaching your employees the best practices to use these tools to work efficiently. For instance, start by creating a guideline that facilitates communication to ensure that no one is left out. Accordingly, you should train your team how to mute their microphone when not speaking. Whatever you do, the first part is always to ensure smooth integration of the system. You do not want to integrate software that no one knows how to use. This makes remote work even more complex than it should. 

Automation and Integration Tools

Automating workflow is always a game-changer, especially in a remote work setting. You will save time and money by automatic tasks using tools such as Zapier

Automation and integration tools can do virtually everything. For instance, you can use these platforms to streamline production, send emails, generate worksheets, and automate slack messages. This is a great way to help your team make work more manageable. Accordingly, such tools help you keep up with the daily needs of the business. For instance, you can integrate them to monitor progress from different platforms. It is also a great way to ensure that every employee gets the work done according to schedule and time.

Remote Office Tools

With digitized office tools such as LastPass, you may never need to turn to Google Sheet for your passwords and logins. With these tools, all your two-factor authentications are safe and secure. They offer an extra layer of security to ensure that your team does not lose your company information to hackers and cybercriminals. 

In short, these are password and login management tools that help you generate, keep, retrieve, and share passwords safely. You may want to turn to TheWindowsClub for all other virtual office tools.  

Time Tracking Tools

You always need a time tracking tool, such as Time Doctor, to help your team manage and track progress. This tool allows you to monitor how every employee spends time. Accordingly, you can get reports on how work is progressing and what channels the team is using. 

Final Thoughts

With the business environment reverting to remote work, your focus should be on how to increase business productivity using these top tools. Integrate them into your business and maximize output per unit. 

Predicting Long-Term Market Trends For More Effective Decision Making In Business

Market research is a key aspect of starting any business. You need to know whether people are interested in your product and if there is a market for it. You also need to know whether other similar products are out there and what makes yours different. After doing this initial market research, you should hopefully have a product that performs well. But you shouldn’t stop there.

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The best way to maintain long-term success is to predict future market trends and adapt to them. If you can work out what your customers will want in the next 5 years, you can be the first person to give it to them. Unfortunately, without a time travel device, it’s impossible to know for sure how the consumer’s wants and needs will change. However, you can make a very good estimate and this will drive the decisions about the future of your company. These are some of the best ways to predict long-term market trends in your industry. 

Use Big Data

If your business is not already collecting and using data about your customers and your industry as a whole, you are at a huge disadvantage. Knowing which products and services perform well and what the buying habits of your target customers are like can be so valuable when trying to predict trends. Comparing your own data with wider data points about the industry as a whole helps you build a full picture. There are some excellent platforms like Live Earth that can help you do exactly that. By creating simple visualizations of data, you will get a much clearer idea of how markets are moving and what direction they are heading in. You can then use this information to drive your marketing campaigns and the overall direction of your company. 

Listen To Influencers

Hopefully, you already know that influencers are excellent for creating successful marketing campaigns. But have you considered how they could help you predict long-term market trends? These are people that live and breathe your industry and many of them are brand ambassadors for your competitors. So, take note of what they are saying because, more often than not, their predictions are spot on. Look at their social media accounts and look in the comment sections too because the insights of their followers can be equally as valuable. 

Read Industry Publications 

Industry publications are also a great source of information. Again, the people writing for these publications are absorbed in your industry and they keep track of everything that is happening. Their job is to research the industry and write about its future, so you should subscribe to as many publications as possible and take the time to read them. They can also be a good marketing opportunity for you as well, so try to build relationships with them and see if you can get any extra information before your competitors do. 

If you have your finger on the pulse and you can predict long-term market trends, your business decision making will be so much more effective. 

Why Is Blogging Important For Small Businesses?

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In recent times, the digitization of business activities has created the need for many businesses to develop strong engagement online to communicate with most of their customers. Therefore, it has become dominantly crucial for small business owners to develop a robust online presence to promote their business activities and provide excellent customer service. Blogging is one of the many ways to build a robust online presence. Blogging is a relatively easy, convenient, and less expensive way for business owners to create solid opportunities for their business online. This article will highlight a few benefits of blogging for small businesses.

Improve customer care and service delivery

Customers can share their experiences and leave comments about your business or service on your blog. Blogging is an excellent way to access various feedback from customers. For example, small business owners can write targeted blog posts to gather feedback from their customers concerning a new release or product, then make needed adjustments based on the feedback from their blogs to improve their service or product delivery. Generally, a small business can use blogs as powerful interactive tools.

Improve SEO and google ranking

Any SEO Agency would agree that blogging is a very convenient tool used for Google optimization. Search engine optimization is a simple tactic to increase your ranking above your competition in search engine results. Small business owners can also use blogging to boost their search engine engagements and analytics. The best way small business owners can use blogs to improve the SEO of their businesses is to consistently write blogs around keywords your potential customers will search for. 

Building a valuable brand

If you want to build a valuable brand to get enough exposure and awareness, consider blogging. Small businesses can generate enough visibility for their businesses by blogging. In essence, enough visibility will consequently lead to more engagement. In addition, these corporate blogs can hold adequate information about the services rendered by the business or even product services offered by the business. With enough information, readers or visitors can learn more about the business. 

Keeping customers updated

Blogging is the perfect way for small businesses to publish exciting offers and announce new releases that will grab customers' attention. So many readers look forward to the exciting new updates and perspectives your business will have to offer. You can take advantage of this and write an exciting blog post about your service that will keep your readers constantly intrigued. When your readers are always interested in your business and posts, you have the potential to build a solid market around them.

Create free marketing opportunities 

Every time you update your blog, there is a chance some of your audience will share your content with others. A collective effort by some of your audience to share your content promotes your brand and further puts credence to your business. This can also boost your search engine ranking and increase website traffic for potential customers. Blogging also provides many opportunities to partner with affiliate businesses and promote affiliate marketing strategies. 

Easy Ways To Reach A Wider Audience

Reaching a wider audience is every business's aim. It enables businesses to thrive, succeed, and grow financially. No matter if you are a small business or corporation, you will always benefit from having a wider audience. You will attain more business and regular customers. For those looking for easy and fool-proof ways to reach a wider audience, keep reading. 

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Utilize a content marketing strategy

Looking for a content marketing strategy is what every business should be doing. It will help you promote your business effectively and ensure you are reaching out to the right audience. 

First, you should decide on the marketing methods you wish to use. Then, decide on a schedule. Regular content will satisfy the needs of your customers and also remind them of your product/service. 

Take advantage of social media

Social media will boost customer engagement too. If you are constant with your content, you will engage audiences from all around the globe. 

You can pre-schedule content to go live, even when you are not online. This will allow you to reach customers in every country. 

Furthemore, social media posts can be promoted. This is often for a fee. When doing so, you can typically select the audience you want to reach. This can help you reach a new, or select, audience. Targeting a wider range of people will result in a wider audience for your business. 

Start creating blog posts

Most businesses have a website. If not, then you should probably think about creating one. It allows you to sell products/services, keep customers in the loop, and put your name online. Being present online as a business will instantly boost your brand awareness and help reach a wider audience

On the website, blog posts can be created as a fun, interactive, and engaging way to inform customers of new releases, brand information, and more. They can be fun to write and fun to read. They can make your business more personable, which can help all audiences relate to your brand. 

Having a blog on your website will also help you climb the search ranks as keywords will work as SEO. 

Offer excellent customer service

If a customer needs to ask a question or wants to give feedback, they will look for customer service tools to contact you. Every customer's request should be fulfilled to attain their business. If not, you can quickly lose loyal customers. 

Excellent customer service (that is quick and friendly) will engage customers and make them feel appreciated. If you can offer every customer good service, then you will attain their business. It will be a good look for your business and will likely increase your word-of-mouth marketing. 

Ask for feedback

Speaking of customer feedback, it can be beneficial for your business to ask for it. Asking current customers how you can improve your business will likely satisfy their needs and the needs of new customers. 

Growing your business and being more successful through customer satisfaction will likely grasp the attention of new customers of a wider audience. 

Boosting Your Rate Of Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the number one thing your business needs right now; you’ve researched your competitors, you’ve gathered a following on social media, you’ve made your first sale, and now you need to boost your numbers for continued success. To help you do that, we’ve covered a few of the best ways to bring customers to your door, with a smile on their face and something nice to say about your business. 

Good customer service is the best way to build brand loyalty. (Pexels Image – CC0 Licence)

Incentivize Them 

One of the best ways to get customers involved in your company and any marketing campaign you’re putting together is to give them an incentive. Something that’ll both draw them in and ensure they stick around until the end, such as when the new product goes on sale. 

And one of the best ways to incentivize an audience is via competitions and giveaways. You’ll see these a lot on social media; a lot of brands like to give people the chance to win by simply tagging two or three friends in the comments under a post. Why not give this a try yourself, and see if your numbers ratchet up? 

Personalize Their Experience

Next up is the idea of personalizing a customer’s experience, on a case by case basis. Of course, this is hard to do when approaching your customer base as a whole – even just asking for feedback after a customer service phone call can cause some people to immediately put the phone down!

But if you give them a platform to use, that they can tailor to their own needs, which then feeds information back to you, you’ll be able to meet them more than halfway. One of the best ways to provide this option is via the development of your own app; it’s easier to hire app developers than ever before, if you don’t have your own IT department. 

The main benefit here is giving customers a way to customize how you approach them; they can save searches, allowing you to better recommend products to them, and a higher user count is very impressive if you want to attract further investment. This’ll help your app to become better in the future. 

Offer Something More

Be sure to offer something unusual or different to your usual service, especially if you already have an established customer base, and you’re looking to capitalize on repeat custom. You need to be able to bring them back, even if you sell ‘one time’ products, 

One of the best ways to offer more is via collaborating with other small businesses, both in and out of your niche, to provide product bundles or new features that’ll be very beneficial to the person on the other end. Above all else, you’ll want to work with companies that provide products your customers already want to buy, to ensure the collaboration is worth it. 

Customer engagement is a tricky game; make sure you’re playing with the stakes above. 

No Digital Brand Can Survive On Web Content Only

The pandemic has convinced businesses to digitize their activities. Many small businesses have even seized the opportunity to set up their first website! Building your digital brand can be challenging. Ultimately, with over a billion websites, it’s fair to say that the competition will affect your visibility. So, you’ll need to work hard to make sure your website gets noticed by your audience group. There can be no digital presence without a strong search engine optimization strategy. Your SEO strategy will need to include relevant and achievable keywords for your brand – beware of generic search terms that are highly competitive and lack targeting –, regular and informative content, and dull and irrelevant content. But there’s only so much you can achieve with web content. Building your digital brand begins offline! Here’s how: 

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Using merch to showcase the brand

For small businesses that only created a website during the pandemic, chances are that you never needed an online presence before. Therefore, now’s the best time to capitalize on your offline brand awareness to enhance brand visibility and online visits. A small shop, for instance, could consider an added merch item for loyal customers or big spenders. Useful items such as cell phone stands to promote your brand can be a neat addition to the brand strategy. They increase not only brand awareness but are also likely to boost the brand reputation. Trade shows and conferences are also a great platform to share meaningful merch items. 

Be the expert they invite

Most SEO strategies include blog management, with the underlying thought that writing a blog will attract more visitors to the site. In reality, the competition for bloggers is harsh. It’s unlikely your blog article will get noticed. Instead, it can be a better idea to become a guest expert on popular platforms. As a rule of thumb, avoid becoming a guest blogger as it’s time-demanding for little results. On the other hand, becoming a guest on a podcast show will showcase the brand’s expertise and encourage people to find out more about your business. 

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Enhance your visibility

Local visibility can be a game-changer in a small community. Branded car wraps or local charity sponsoring can make a huge difference because they are memorable. Most people will not visit your website. But if you give them a reason to look your name up online, they are more likely to engage with your content. Therefore, making your brand visible in traffic with a whacky car wrapping design or as a sponsor for social cause charities will build up interest. 

Join meaningful projects

Don’t ask for change. Be the change you want to see. 

Except that being the change is no easy task for small businesses. It can be expensive and out of their technical range. But a small business can join a common project with a partner or promote an existing project relevant to their audience group. You don’t have to be the change if you can’t afford it. But you can be the one who talks about the change. 

Building a digital brand is a long and involved strategy. For small businesses that have just launched their first digital platforms, it’s the perfect excuse to leverage their existing offline reputation. You don’t have to separate your offline and online strategies. Chances are, the people who spot your brand offline will become your online customers.