We believe you are not a web designer or if you are a designer, we believe you are a fresher and we consider this post is specially written for you people to help you understand what the necessary things you need to know to build a new website and important things you should provide to your website design service provider for better as well as efficient design. It might be that you are going to conduct a Wix and Squarespace comparison, or you are simply going directly to a professional designer, either way you need to know what it is you want. This post will help you with some tips as well as resources to expedite the alpha and omega of the web design process.

There would likely be some questions in your mind along the way, so it is better to manage them prior to the meter is running. Here are the nine most important things you should provide to your website designer prior to starting a web design project.

  1. Website Design in Detail ? When you search your website typing a keyword, would you see your site on the 1st page? While building a website, you should see this thing, because ranking is important. You are building a website not just for building a website, but for many things you should keep in mind. You discuss with your website design team or the website designer in detail about the CMS or which in which to understand the appropriate design functions.

  2. Visual Sitemap ? A visual sitemap is nothing but a thing that helps you organize what pages you need or wish to have on your website, and in which order you want. This type of sitemap not only allows web designers as well as developers to quickly and efficiently plan a website project by showing a flowchart of the total project but also other things, like page trees, web content, and pages.

  3. Main Menu ? The main menu is no other than a menu that needs to have in a website. A navigation structure that you wish to have on your website, which should be with a page name that typically hovers across the top of the home page of your website.

  4. Logo ? Important thing no doubt. A logo is nothing but a mark or stigma that says something in short about your company, products, or services you are offering. It is an emblem that your business name or brand use that helps recognizes you quickly with a graphic as well as typeface style.

  5. Theme Colors ? When you are designing a website, or you are hired a website design company to design it, you should consult with them about the color of the website or the theme of the website which is the primary concern of a website, be it for an individual or business website.

  6. Fonts ? Fonts of a website are no doubt important because visitors visit a website not just to see the design of the website, but to see and read the products and services. Your product description should be written with good fonts so that your visitors can understand them quickly.  If you do a quick Wix and Squarespace comparison you will find that while Squarespace offers a bigger selection of fonts for your site, Wix makes it considerably easier to install custom fonts on your website.

  7. Page Copy ? Page copy denotes many things, yes it denotes blog, article review, and anything that you wish to write about or for your website. This is one of the most important tips next to the spelling checker to your copy that helps overcome your visitors to understand to speak and rewrite. Much software available to page copy, you can discuss with your designer to make it simple and lucid.

  8. Videos or Page Images? A successful website these days use images as well as videos that speak to the customers and help them understand what products or services they are going to get. Tell your website designer to use relevant images or videos on your website to boost your website user-friendliness.

  9. Contact Form ? It is essential to know about a contact form, what would be the form structure and other essential things. The kind of form you want to see appear in your website for the visitors. Exempli gratia, you have in mind some fields that you want to show on your contact form, Mr. or Mrs. or Ms etc. You can say your designer using the following things on your contact form.

  • First and last name

  • Email and contact number (if necessary)

Putting these all together you will be able to design a wonderful user-friendly and search-engine friendly website that your visitors will certainly appreciate. You can give your web designer these tips to help them to develop and design the site in such a way that could be useful and serve your purpose. When you show or discuss these important 9 things with your website designer, your website would be launched in a reasonable time frame for sure. It would not cost that much high to share the details, better you show or discuss with them beforehand.

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