If potential clients and customers don’t know about who you are, and whether you exist or not, then they aren’t going to purchase your products or services. It just won’t happen. So, how can you really get your business brand under the eyes of the people who are most likely to part with their cash? It depends on your industry for a start. People expect to see branding in certain places, but that doesn’t mean they will always look for it. These tips can give you something to think about and help aim your efforts in terms of brand driving sale.

Print Your Logo On Everything

The more people see it, the better chance there is that it’ll get ingrained in their head. Next time they think about needing something that you offer, you’ll come to mind. You might think this is obvious, but have you really found every option available? If you visit lanyardsfactory.com.au you can ensure that your staff cards and passes have your logo on them. Then they’re walking advertisements. Think about business cards, letter heading, stationary, websites. Every marketing tool you send and use…make sure your logo is leading the way. Of course, the logo needs to be unique and recognisable in its design, and you can’t sprey it absolutely everywhere, but be consistent in your approach for the best chances of brand recognition.


Rank Matters Most

If people tap a relevant search term into Google, or AliBaba, Amazon, etc., you’re going to want your product to pop up in the top list. This doesn’t just happen. Ranking can be pretty tough a lot of the time. Take Amazon for example. You need good sales, brilliant keyword research and product design to start to rank. You can either use various amazon marketing services or do this yourself, it depends on time. You need to put time to it. It’s the same if you just want your website to rank on Google. You need to ensure that you start to work on ranking your site, because if you don’t, no matter how good your product or services are, no one will see them to buy them. Ranking is a difficult area to navigate due to the constant updates from Google and other search engines, but

Don’t Blanket Advertise

Blanket advertising is a thing of the past. It doesn’t work too well, it can be pretty expensive, and you won’t convert too much. Target your advertising. That way, you’ll gain brand visibility with the correct demographic. If you offer services to college students, but older people know about you, you aren’t going to get that many conversions. Narrow down your brand strategy as much as you can. Think about your niche. If what you offer applies to a lot of people then you don’t need to worry about this so much, however, it’s a double-edged sword, because if your product or service is super niche, you can spend less on advertising because you’ll know where to go to get those key conversions. 

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