Bitdefender Review

BitDefender has yet again launched its new security software for home users. The new software is the enhanced version, the BitDefender Total Security 2016. The item was just recently launched, but it was already awarded with the title ?Product of the Year and the Triple Editor?s Choice? by PCMag. Being integrated with an award-winning technology and the feature to use machine learning in fighting off cyber threats without affecting the device?s performance makes the product as among the top anti-malware protection today but there?s more than BitDefender Total Security 2016 can offer.

Recognized for Its Offered Best Protection and Best Performance

The brand Bitdefender has always been known for protecting privacy of its users and their devices. Now, it is showing its ability in the field again through its BitDefender Total Security 2016. As the improved version, the anti-malware software comes with both new and enhanced features.

New and Enhanced Features

Ranswomware Protection (New) ? This new feature works by blocking all ransomware, both unknown and new, from your personal profiles. It is easy to use. You simply need to choose the areas wish to be protected against ransomware.

Complete Data Protection (Enhanced) ? The BitDefender Total Security 2016 is integrated with a powerful technology designed to ensure complete data protection. No matter what e-threats are present, this technology only eliminates even if it is the most dangerous ones known today. It can block traditional worms, viruses and Trojans. Most importantly, the software is made to protect you against zero-day exploits, spyware, rootkits and ransomware.

Other Plus Points of the Software

Aside from ensuring your ultimate protection against malware, the BitDefender Total Security 2016 is also leading in:

  • Performance: In fact, it received Gold for the category fastest system speed, which is made possible through its unique set of features. Within just a few hours, you will notice visible improvement in performance and speed. Its protection is not only limited to your device. To keep you entirely protected from malware, the software also scans in the Cloud without affecting the performance of your device. Plus, no matter what activities you do, the software easily detects it and performs necessary adjustments for your convenience.
  • Offered One-Click Security: One of the best features the product has is the Bitdefender Autopilot, which deciding on important security-related decisions even without your input. It automatically works to keep you protected against malware. Making payments online? The item also has this aspect covered by automatically placing your credential in the payment page. No need to input anything. Has vulnerable or outdated software? With the product?s Quick Vulnerability Scanner, you will be automatically notified about those things.

Combine all these and you obtain malware protection software you can rely on at all times. However, the fact that it is the latest version of the Total Security Bitdefender software makes it a big requirement for users to have lots of patience. This is especially the case in terms of learning the product?s advanced settings. Nonetheless, once you get the hang of using it, you will greatly benefit from what it can do. BitDefender Total Security 2016 also comes with an exclusive launch offer of one year. Those who are interested to enjoy what it can offer may take advantage of the special offer that it currently has. You can get a one for free with any purchase of Antivirus Plus 2016, Internet Security 2016 and Total Security 2016.

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