There?s been a lot of talk about BeVo Media, what it is and the features offered to affiliates. Simply put, it?s a free state of the art platform that consolidates advertising from all of a user?s affiliate marketing efforts. It?s a tool that provides a single interface with which to manage any number of projects.


Designed by Ryan Bukevicz and a bevy of programmers, BeVo Media provides affiliate marketers with statistics and detailed analysis on all their ad networks and accounts. Tables and graphs are provided, allowing marketers to compare how each network in performing.

It works with an extensive number of top affiliate networks, including Google Analytics, ClickBank and BlinkAds. It?s also compatible with ClickBooth, Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing and a host of others.

The application provides users with the means to compare available offers, choose the ones they want to use and create an unlimited number of new campaigns. Each can be edited from within BeVo Media. Users can create, manage and analyze all their pay-per-click platforms and offers within the BeVo interface.

The platform offers numerous detailed methods for users to track accounts, including keywords, offers, codes, pixels, postbacks and media buys. The application allows users to see how each of their chosen accounts is performing at any given time. Google analytics accounts can be integrated into the BeVo Media platform and accessed from the application's interface.

An extensive classroom to assist those using the platform is provided. The feature includes videos, articles, tools and instructional information to keep marketers current on trends within the industry. The classroom is especially helpful for those new to marketing, but may not be of much assistance to experienced marketers.

A BeVo Media marketplace is also offered where users can obtain a wide range of services from professionals to aid in marketing efforts. Assistance from programmers and consultants is available, along with those who provide content and articles.

BeVo Media saves a significant amount of time by placing the user?s affiliate networks and PPC campaigns all in one place, without the need to log in to multiple accounts. The application provides users with the means to manage all aspects of their campaigns and networks from a single interface, including those already in place. New campaigns can be added and edited at the user?s discretion. There hasn?t been a lot of feedback on the application yet, but it?s free to try and could prove to be the consolidation solution for which users have been searching.

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