It?s a big deal to a lot of employers how their staff?s perception of them manifests. You want to have authority but you don?t want to create a hard barrier that blocks communication and breaks the cohesion of the team. Getting the best out of your employees means creating a relationship where they?re engaged and motivated not just by the work, but the working relationship with their superiors. In other words, you need to care about them.

black-and-white-city-man-peopleTreat their role with the proper respect

Looking at the actual work that your people do is going to play a big role in how respected they feel and how engaged they are in their work. Employees need to get used to the idea of doing a little outside their usual skill set from time to time. We all have deadlines and goals we need to push to. But you need to make sure that those ?extra? tasks aren?t becoming common and taking their focus from their primary purpose. Automating and outsourcing is a good way to make sure you?re not bogging your staff?s spirits down with busywork.

Talk to them about wellbeing

We?re not suggesting you start inquiring about the health details of everyone in the office. But rather, it?s important to create an environment where people can talk about health and safety risks and general well-being in relation to work without fear that it might impact their standing in the workplace. Consider setting some time aside each week to hold a briefing or a consultation. Talk to them about risks in the workplace and come up with plans to tackle them. Talk about the impact of stress and anxiety in the workplace. Make it clear that health issues aren?t a no-go topic in the workplace, so they know that if they are having problems, they can talk to you about them.

person-woman-smartphone-callingHelp them face their constraints in life

Most people are going to face hardship at some point. Sadly, there are a lot of businesses that don?t properly account for that fact. They can stand by and do nothing or even penalize employees for their life affects their work. Instead of being part of the problem in an employee?s life, become part of the solution. Look into options like employee assistance service by Health Assured and providing them with benefits to help them in times of need. You can use your resources to help by assessing problems, offering referrals and counseling so your employees can get the help they need. By taking a proactive stance on potential hardship, you minimize the negative impact these occasions have on the business. Employees will be grateful to work in a business that helpful.

Lady with blue tooth phone in earAssume your mantle of responsibility

A good boss does more than order their employees around. They understand that their role isn?t only one of authority but of responsibility. A selfish boss who passes responsibility and plays the blame game with employees is going to immediately break any semblance of trust and cohesion. Helping people fix mistakes and addressing concerns is important, but best done in private, without throwing them under the bus. While taking the blame, the boss needs to also pass on the credit. Be aware that you don?t achieve your goals on your own. Recognize and reward your employees publicly. This creates an environment where people are more motivated to give a little extra in their work.

Make the time outside of work

Walking the line of professionalism is a crucial consideration for most employers. But a little bond building and casual conversation outside of work is important every now and then. Holding events like the office Christmas party is more important than you might think. It builds a community within the team, which means everyone is more likely to stick up for and support one another. It?s a thank you from management to staff for their hard work which makes it more likely to see returns in that hard work and dedication in the following years. It also gives you the opportunity to meet significant others and spouses, which makes you look like a person who cares about the community they build, not just the work they achieve.

Professionalism is key, but you need to show employees that you value them as more than cogs in the machine. They?re people with needs and concerns. Get on their side and address them. Don?t make them fear that their well-being or extenuating circumstances are something that will get in the way of the job and put them at risk. Build that connection with them on every level.

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